Take back the internet. This theme allowed us to talk about what the internet was originally intended to be and how Tor is working to bring the internet closer to that ideal.


  • $304,045 raised during the campaign and $833,956 raised from individuals in 2019.
  • Average gift for 2019 was $37.57. The average gift for the 2018 campaign was $46.56, however we received almost twice as many gifts and many donors will become repeat donors.
  • We gained 4,757 new donors throughout the campaign. In 2018, we gained 2,029 new donors.


  • 153,600 now on the email list when we had 16,425 at the beginning of 2019
  • 1,169,000 total donate page hits in 2019
  • Donate page hits from about:tor desktop total across all languages: 122,657
  • Donate page hits from about:tor mobile 524,261
  • The language that generated the most donate page hits after english was russian
  • Donate page hits from Twitter: 33,760
  • Donate page hits from Mastodon: 28,254


7.5% of donors chose the campaign t-shirt in 2019.

Successes to repeat and build upon

  • Recipients of bulk emails generated $81,269 - continue to build the email list and send out a variety of messages throughout the campaign.
  • Recipients of personal emails (695) generated $11,903 - be sure to communicate with certain segments of the database who are not on the email list.
  • Recipients of postal mail (433) generated $9,815 - continue to utilize this as an option for donors with no email address or as an opportunity for multi-channel fundraising.
  • Drawings on Twitter and Mastodon increased income and engagement.
  • We received 330 new Defenders of Privacy, our monthly donors, generating $2,700 of income each month. Our cultivation strategy should help retain and grow this group throughout the year.
  • We received 8 new Champions of Privacy, major donors giving $1,000 or more.
  • 24 people requested the hoodie this year, vs. 13 in 2018.
  • We raised $33,000 in cryptocurrency. Collaboration with The Giving Block for #BitcoinTuesday had some success, but was limited by the lower value of cryptocurrency in the last months of the year.
  • Casa collaboration on #CyberMonday raised $310.

Areas for Improvement

  • It currently takes almost 24 hours to send an email to our full list. We need to investigate ways to speed this up and clean up our list.
  • Consider localizing emails.
  • Be creative with usage of the about:tor page.
  • Investigate different payment methods to make donations easier for people around the world.

Timeline of Efforts and Results

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