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     1**November 9, 2018**
     3The fundraising team was very busy in October!
     5* We attended the Mexico meeting and wrote a blog [] about my experience.
     7* Launched YE campaign - Strength in Numbers. With Mozilla’s match, we’ve raised $100,000 so far!
     8Thanks to Antonela and the Tor Browser team, especially Arthur and Georg, for creating and implementing the series of banners that are seen in Tor Browser.
     9Thanks to Steph for pushing the campaign out on social media and in Tor News. We are excited to see a good amount of traffic to the donate page coming from Mastodon.
     10Thanks to hiro and emmapeel for translating and implementing changes to the banner on and
     11Thanks to Jon for being the swag guru.
     12Thanks to Karsten and Iain for monitoring the metrics.
     14* Attended DRL Implementers’ Meeting in DC - learned about how some other organizations function and talked about how we can all collaborate.
     16* Connected with fundraisers at a lot of nonprofits to crowdsource information on accepting different types of cryptocurrency.
     18* Al has been writing. A lot.
     19A proposal for our anti-censorship work will be submitted today. Many thanks to everyone who has worked on this.
     20A proposal for code modularization is also about to be submitted.
     21Next week, we’ll send out a letter to family foundations.
     23Have a great weekend!