October 10, 2018

I hope everyone who was in Mexico has recovered from the various illnesses that seemed to affect many of us!

Here is what was up in Tor Fundraising World in September:

  • Began sketching out the year-end giving campaign that will have the theme, “Strength in Numbers.” The campaign launches October 23rd and will feature a match from Mozilla and additional match opportunities from another donor.
  • Helped get the newsletter banner up in Tor Browser. So far this effort has resulted in significant email list growth. It is currently up to 12,454 names when on 9/6, it had 7,840.
  • Wrote to donors who had not given in several years about Tor Browser 8 and Tor for Android and asked them to consider giving again. Several donated - even up to $1,000 - after not giving since 2015.
  • Sorted through the status of all current grants with the team in Seattle and made a grant roadmap covering the next few months.
  • Researched possible private foundation funding that can be pursued at the beginning of next year.
  • Began working with a consultant to ensure Tor is registered for fundraising in all states. The process is on hold until the 990 is complete.
  • Began updating Tor’s Guidestar profile.
  • Met in person with one of our grant managers.
  • Worked with OONI on a proposal that will now be included as part of a larger anti-censorship proposal that is due in early November.
  • Welcomed Al whose first day at Tor was in Mexico City!

I hope you will all help with the year-end campaign by sharing messages on social media and talking with your networks about the amazing work being done at Tor.


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