July 17, 2019

Hello! Here is what the Fundraising Team was up to in June. As always, reach out if you have questions.

First we would like to draw your attention to an exciting campaign launched on our behalf by BTCPayServer[1]. We reached our softcap goal of $10,000 in 25 hours and the campaign will run for 12 more days. Please help amplify the efforts to your networks by sharing on social media or directly with folks who may be interested in contributing.

## Grants

We submitted a grant request to Media Democracy Fund for general operating support at the $250,000 level.

We created a wishlist of large foundations we would like to connect with and are working with Media Democracy Fund, the board, and others to help get introductions to the right people at these foundations.

Upcoming grant submissions: Glaser Progress Foundation, RIPE, DRL, Arca Foundation, and OTF.

## Major Donors

We have taken many steps to grow our list of major donors. We have created a list of people who have means and who should already be aware of the importance of Tor. We worked to identify people who may know them and will soon reach out to see if they are willing to make an introduction. We also looked closely at people who gave major gifts to Tor in the past and are creating individualized solicitation plans for each. Isa has also met face-to-face with several people to develop relationships with them.

## Monthly Donors

At the end of June, we had 378 monthly donors who generated $4,404.81 in income which was an increase of 35 individuals over the previous month.

## Other Efforts

Throughout the month we offered various vintage Tor shirts at a discount on social media. These efforts brought in $5,119.00 in June. Many thanks to Steph for creating and managing the posts and Jon for taking care of the fulfillment.

We were accepted as a nonprofit in the King County Employee Giving program. This workplace giving program allows employees of King County, WA (where the Tor office is located) to donate directly through their paycheck to the Tor Project.[2]

[1] [2]

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