June 14, 2019

Hi! Here is what the Fundraising Team was up to in May. Let us know if you have any questions!

## Grants

We submitted a proposal to Deer Creek Foundation for communications work and one to NLnet for ESR migration work. Al also wrote a proposal to Craig Newmark Philanthropies in one day and we were awarded $50,000 two days later! The DIAL Open Source Center accepted our request for $25,000 to fund part of the ESR migration work.

Upcoming grant submissions: Glaser Progress Foundation

## Major Donors

Thanks to work done by Isa and the Board we had two substantial gifts from major donors totaling $70,000.

## Monthly Donors

We sent our first monthly giving invitation to people who have given a single gift in the past few months.[1] We had several people convert to monthly giving.

The program is showing significant growth. In May we raised $4,250 from 343 monthly donors. This is an increase of 43 donors from April.

## Donations from Individuals

We sent an offer for a discounted sticker pack via email offer to people subscribed to the list, but who have never donated.[2] We gained 34 new donors. We will continue to send this offer to new subscribers monthly.

We added a donate link to the about:tor page and have seen an increase in donations via our website. Daily income from individuals has almost doubled from the weeks preceding the change and the number of daily donations is 5x more than what was received in the same time period last year.

As mentioned in a prior report, we are sending a welcome email to new email list subscribers. So far, 73 people who received the message have become donors and donated a total of $1,846.

We launched a series of vintage swag sales on social media. The week of May 13 we offered the Roots Pullover Hoodie and sold two for a total of $556. We will try selling a different hoodie at a lower price point in June. The week of May 20 we offered the Tor at the Heart T-shirt and generated $1,833 in donations. The week of May 27 we offered the Roots T-shirt (Green with Black Design) and generated $1,800. A shout out to Jon who has been masterfully collecting sizes and sending these items out to donors.

## Cryptocurrency

We continue to receive a steady stream of cryptocurrency donations and received over $10,000 in cryptocurrency from

[1] [2]

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