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Welcome to the Metrics Team page. The Metrics Team is a group of Tor people who care about measuring and analyzing things in the public Tor network. There are currently three other teams in Tor: the Network Team writes the software to keep the Tor network running, the Applications Team produces usable applications for end users, and the Community Team focuses on the non-technical aspects of growing a healthy Tor community. But if you're interested in measurements and analyses, the Metrics Team is what you're looking for. Welcome!


The Metrics Team currently consists of between half a dozen and a dozen developers, depending on how and when you count. We're not listing names here to keep the team open to everyone. You're on the team if you're participating in discussions and development, and you're not part of the team anymore if you decide you want to move on (which we hope won't happen).


Our synchronous medium of communication is IRC meetings that happen every Thursday at 15:00 UTC in #tor-dev on OFTC.

If you want to reach someone from the team between these meetings to ask a development-related question, just go to #tor-dev and mention the magic word "metrics", and somebody from the team might either be around or appear later and get back to you.

Our asynchronous medium of communication is the metrics-team@ mailing list. This list is public in the sense that anyone can subscribe and read archives. But it's moderated on first post, meaning that your first post will be reviewed to make sure it's not spam and on topic and all further posts will go directly to the list. Feel free to subscribe and just listen if you want, and feel free to post if you have a question that you think is on topic.


The MetricsTeam is no selling any products, don't worry.

Product is a codebase of software maintained by the Team. Not all products of the Metrics Team are mentioned in this section (for a more complete list see roadmap draft). Instead, we list some long-term products here that are or will be released in way that a third party can decide to run a mirror of this type of service.

Here some links to these products' wiki development pages (in alphabetical order):

  • CollecTor the friendly data collecting service. A wiki subsection for CollecTor mirror operators mirror operating wiki.
  • ExoneraTor helps to find out whether that address was used as a Tor relay.
  • Metrics the primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network.
  • metrics-lib a Java library that fetches and parses Tor descriptors.
  • Onionoo is a web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges. A wiki subsection for Onionoo mirror operators mirror operating wiki

Releases and Milestones


December 5, 2015 download metrics-lib 1.0.0
December 28, 2015 download metrics-lib 1.1.0
May 31, 2016 download metrics-lib 1.2.0
July 7, 2016 download metrics-lib 1.3.0
August 1, 2016 download metrics-lib 1.3.1
August 11, 2016 milestone CollecTor 1.0.0 download CollecTor 1.0.0
August 22, 2016 bugfix for #19913 download CollecTor 1.0.1
August 31, 2016 milestone metrics-lib 1.4.0 download metrics-lib 1.4.0
October 7, 2016 milestone CollecTor 1.0.2 download CollecTor 1.0.2
October 19, 2016 milestone metrics-lib 1.5.0 download metrics-lib 1.5.0
October 28, 2016 milestone CollecTor 1.1.0 download CollecTor 1.1.0
November 23, 2016 milestone Onionoo 3.1-1.0.0 download Onionoo 3.1-1.0.0
November 24, 2016 milestone CollecTor 1.1.1 download CollecTor 1.1.1
January 17, 2017 milestone CollecTor 1.1.2 download CollecTor 1.1.2

Planned Milestones

CollecTor 1.2.0 CollecTor 2.0.0
metrics-lib 1.6.0 metrics-lib 2.0.0
ExoneraTor 1.0.0 ExoneraTor 2.0.0
MetricsWeb 1.0.0 MetricsWeb 2.0.0
Onionoo 3.1-1.1.0 Onionoo 3.1-2.0.0


An FAQ by and about the Metrics Team. If something you want to know is not answered yet, check back in a few days. Or address your question directly to us via the communication channels listed in the previous section.

The 32C3 State of the Onion talk covered work of the Metrics Team by giving example of how bad relays are detected, investigated, and excluded from the Tor network. The entire talk is worth watching, but if you're short on time, be sure to watch minutes 20 to 28.

A concise description of all Metrics products is under way.

Censorship Watch

MetricsTimeline lists incidents that might help in interpreting metrics graphs.

Here's a table with tickets related to censorship incidents:

Results (1 - 7 of 18)

1 2 3
Ticket Summary Status Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#20348 Kazakhstan blocking of vanilla Tor and obfs4 by Allot Communications hardware, 2016-06 reopened Medium Normal dcf 35 hours
#21014 Turkey blocking of direct connections, 2016-12-12 new Medium Normal mrphs 5 weeks
#20907 Blocking of public relays in Belarus, 2016-12-01 new Medium Normal dcf 6 weeks
#20419 iran has banned tor successfully new Medium Normal ufd33 2 months
#20785 Block of some direct users in Saudi Arabia, 2016-11-20 new Medium Normal dcf 2 months
#20216 Iran blocking of direct users, 2016-08 and 2016-09 new Medium Normal dcf 3 months
#18781 Check for Sybil attack from Russia new Medium Normal cypherpunks 10 months
1 2 3

Roadmap from October 2016 to June 2017

The metrics team put together the following roadmap for the time from October 2016 to June 2017. This list was created for the Seattle meeting in September 2016 and will be updated on a regular basis and revisited at the next meeting around March 2017.

  • 2016-10: Provide user-friendly documentation that empowers users to independently operate CollecTor instances. (Sponsor X 1.2. CollecTor)
  • 2016-10: Enable CollecTor to synchronize Tor network data from other CollecTor instances. (Sponsor X 1.3. CollecTor)
  • 2016-10: Set up a second CollecTor instance and enable synchronization with the first CollecTor instance. (Sponsor X 1.4. CollecTor)
  • 2016-11: Define a release process for Onionoo and put out at least one release. (Sponsor X 3.1. Onionoo)
  • 2016-11: Provide user-friendly documentation that empowers users to independently operate Onionoo instances. (Sponsor X 3.2. Onionoo)
  • 2016-12: Conduct a usability analysis of the current Tor Metrics website to identify the most pressing usability issues. (Sponsor X 6.1. Metrics)
  • 2017-01: Perform an analysis on reducing the amount of sensitive, potentially personally identifying data stored in memory of Tor relays and bridges or reported to the directory authorities. (Sponsor X 4.1. Tor daemon)
  • 2017-01: Add a visualization of Tor Browser downloads to Metrics. (Sponsor X 6.3. Metrics, part 1)
  • 2017-01: Finalize visualizations of Tor Browser downloads on Metrics based on user feedback. (Sponsor X 6.3. Metrics, part 2)
  • 2017-02: Replace all existing Torperf instances gathering current Tor network performance measurements with OnionPerf instances. (Sponsor X 5.1. OnionPerf)
  • 2017-02: Improve usability of the most pressing issues identified in the earlier usability analysis as long as they are within scope to make it easier for users to find, compare, and interpret Tor usage and performance metrics. (Sponsor X 6.2. Metrics)
  • 2017-03: Write an outline of further improvements or prototypes for all metrics-related Java products. (no specific sponsor)
  • 2017-04: Develop and deploy at least one more user model in addition to the current model. (Sponsor X 5.2. OnionPerf)
  • 2017-04: Reduce the amount of sensitive, potentially personally identifying data stored in memory of Tor relays and bridges by implementing at least one suggestion from the earlier analysis document. (Sponsor X 4.2. Tor daemon)
  • 2017-04: Obfuscate data that gets reported by Tor relays and bridges to the directory authorities by implementing at least one suggestion from the earlier analysis document. (Sponsor X 4.3. Tor daemon)
  • 2017-05: Improve all usability issues of Atlas that are classified as High priority or above in the issue tracker as long as they are within scope and reported at least six months before the end of the award. (Sponsor X 3.3. Atlas)
  • 2017-06: Write user-friendly tutorials for metrics-lib/DescripTor that empower users to independently analyze large amounts of network data. (Sponsor X 2.3. metrics-lib/DescripTor)
  • 2017-06: Make a wider audience aware of the Tor descriptor parsing library metrics-lib/DescripTor by writing a blog post about it that explains how to use it. (Sponsor X 2.1. metrics-lib/DescripTor)

Task without specific sponsor or specific time:

  • Compare the Tor Metrics website code to RStudio's Shiny Server and other web frameworks.

Open Tickets

The following table lists all open tickets, from recently modified to not touched in years, of products that are maintained by Metrics Team people or otherwise related. Not all of these products are actively maintained, so be sure to reach out to the team before starting to hack on any of these and also take a look at the Volunteer's Guide. Also note that not all metrics-related tools use Tor's Trac as their bug tracker, so you might also want to ask for bug trackers of other metrics tools.

Results (1 - 20 of 533)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Ticket Summary Component Status Owner Priority Severity Created Modified Reporter
#21274 Dig up any HTML validation errors in generated HTML Metrics/Atlas new irl Medium Normal 2 days 10 hours irl
#21234 Fix W3C validator issues Metrics/Atlas needs_revision irl Medium Normal 7 days 10 hours cypherpunks
#21236 Put a visualization of Tor Browser downloads and updates on the Metrics website Metrics/Metrics website needs_review karsten High Normal 6 days 35 hours karsten
#20348 Kazakhstan blocking of vanilla Tor and obfs4 by Allot Communications hardware, 2016-06 Metrics/Censorship analysis reopened Medium Normal 3 months 35 hours dcf
#18203 Base direct user estimates on responses to directory requests, rather than responses Metrics/Metrics website new Medium Minor 12 months 3 days karsten
#21272 Onionperf deployment Metrics new metrics-team Medium Normal 3 days 3 days hiro
#18048 Update Atlas's jQuery Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Low Minor 13 months 3 days cypherpunks
#20382 atlas doesn't check if a relay's family members also list that relay in their family Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Medium Normal 3 months 3 days cypherpunks
#20802 last metric point of "1 Week graph" of exit probability is 1 hour ahead in the future Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Medium Minor 8 weeks 3 days toralf
#9768 The CSS used on Atlas should be responsive Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Low Normal 3 years 3 days cypherpunks
#19739 Bad family members Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Low Minor 6 months 3 days hsys
#12692 Hide field names of empty fields Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Medium Normal 3 years 3 days arma
#20649 Atlas display for missing GeoIP info could be improved Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Medium Normal 2 months 3 days teor
#18989 Remove broken country image for relays that don't have a "country" entry Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Medium Normal 9 months 3 days alenan
#19553 Do not plot empty graphs Metrics/Atlas needs_information Medium Normal 7 months 3 days twim
#9913 Explain relay flags in detail view using tooltips Metrics/Atlas assigned RaBe Medium Normal 3 years 3 days f3ndot
#20374 Atlas should warn its users if Onionoo serves outdated data Metrics/Atlas accepted RaBe High Normal 3 months 4 days karsten
#21255 fraction value computation for clients.csv and its descriptions don't seem to match Metrics/Metrics website new metrics-team Medium Normal 4 days 4 days iwakeh
#21219 collector should rm data from out/ after archiving Metrics/CollecTor accepted iwakeh Medium Normal 9 days 6 days tom
#20543 restructuring of exitlists module Metrics/CollecTor new Medium Normal 3 months 7 days iwakeh
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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