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  • 2017-01 to 2017-03: Sponsor X tasks 3.3. Improve all usability issues of Relay Search (then known as Atlas) that are classified as High priority or above in the issue tracker as long as they are within scope and reported at least six months before the end of the award.


If you would like to contribute to Relay Search, you can get started by cloning the Git repository from the location in the quick links section at the top of this page. Open index.html in your web browser and you'll find Relay Search running. There is no build process, the sources in the Git are exactly what are deployed on the Tor Project's instance. While Relay Search is running in your browser, it will make calls to the Onionoo backend and so does require network access.

By default, new tickets are assigned to the metrics-team metauser. If you are working on an issue, please take ownership of it via the Trac and set the status to accepted. This helps us to avoid duplication of effort.

Development of Relay Search is managed in Git and the preferred means of submitting patches is via a link to the output of git-format-patch. If you would like to use GitHub, you can create URLs for this as:<username>/relay-search/compare/<branch-with-fixes>.patch

If you wish to contribute to Relay Search anonymously through the cypherpunks account, it is acceptable to attach the patches to the ticket.

Please use well-formatted and well-explained commit messages. You can find guidelines and suggestions for commit messages here:

All patches must address tickets that are filed in the Trac, and you can find a list of open tickets below. If you find an issue that you would like to produce a patch for that doesn't have a ticket, create a new ticket and set the component to "Metrics/Relay Search". When you link a patch from the Trac, set the ticket status to "needs_review". Once the patch has been reviewed, it will either be set to "merge_ready" or it will be merged straight away and the ticket closed as "fixed". If the reviewer finds that the patch needs more work, the status will be set to "needs_revision".

Anyone may contribute to reviews in the comments, but please do not set tickets to "merge_ready" on patches unless you are already a well known member of the Metrics team. Your comments will be seen by the reviewer and taken into account.

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Active Tasks

Ticket Summary Status Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#31345 Add "last_changed_address_or_port" as timestamp metric to relay search detail page? new Medium Normal jk 2 weeks ago
#31332 Please update the FallbackDir flags in relay search new Medium Normal teor 2 weeks ago
#28407 Host Name text area contains verified and unverified names on the same line new Medium Normal karsten 7 weeks ago
#26767 add consensus weight line/graph new Medium Normal nusenu 3 months ago
#28888 The Relay Search Results table doesn't show the IPv6 capability of a bridge reopened Medium Normal toralf 3 months ago
#28681 reflected XSS new Medium Major 0x539h 3 months ago
#27138 display timestamp and version information on page with no results assigned Medium Normal nusenu 3 months ago
#27154 Do not display "AS0" in results or details pages assigned Medium Normal nusenu 3 months ago
#30096 rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion connects subressources from non .onion new Very Low Trivial cypherpunks 4 months ago
#29464 Make a how-to video for using Relay Search new Medium Normal irl 6 months ago
#28317 Relay Search flags are vertical on Tor Browser 8.0.2 on macOS new Low Normal teor 7 months ago
#28906 host_name search failing new Medium Normal phoul 8 months ago
#28304 Please deliver png when svg is filtered new Medium Normal traumschule 9 months ago
#27981 3 days young relay is not shown in 1-month graph, but in 6-month graph new Medium Normal toralf 10 months ago
#26863 display onionoo and RS version on RS pages reopened Medium Normal nusenu 12 months ago
#26964 support custom column selection for search result overview new Low Normal nusenu 13 months ago
#26090 show tor exit DNS resolver data on RS new Medium Normal cypherpunks 14 months ago
#25673 allow users to set the show ___ entries value directly in the url assigned Medium Normal cypherpunks 14 months ago
#24834 Map consensus weight vs bandwidth for each bandwidth authority's votes new Medium Normal teor 14 months ago
#8667 Distinguish between permanent and temporary Onionoo errors assigned Low Normal karsten 17 months ago
#23509 Implement family-level pages showing aggregated graphs assigned Medium Normal cypherpunks 17 months ago
#23941 Determine if a relay is eligible for a t-shirt and display on details page assigned Medium Normal irl 17 months ago
#24045 Measure and map overloaded or over-weighted relays reopened Medium Normal teor 17 months ago
#24463 Advanced search: Add a client auto-completion filter to AS field new Very Low Normal cypherpunks 17 months ago
#25283 Decide when we can turn off new Medium Normal irl 17 months ago

Completed Tasks

Results (1 - 50 of 285)

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Ticket Summary Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#19538 Replace raster glyphicons with vector icons for flags Medium Normal twim 5 weeks ago
#31077 relay-search mushes together two hostnames? Medium Normal arma 7 weeks ago
#29486 Replace "brackets" with "parentheses" Medium Trivial toralf 3 months ago
#30499 In Tor Metrics / Relay Search, users are able to enter the digital fingerprint of a bridge to run a successful search and display the data about that bridge, but the Relay Search page states, "If you are searching for a bridge, you will need to search by the hashed fingerprint. This prevents leaking the fingerprint of the bridge when searching." Medium Normal monmire 3 months ago
#29869 FallbackDir flag incorrect in Relay Search Immediate Normal starlight 5 months ago
#27652 Use "as" not "as_number" in Relay Search High Normal irl 11 months ago
#26983 Add support for 6 months graphs in the plotting functions Medium Normal irl 11 months ago
#27371 Forward requests from atlas to metrics Medium Normal traumschule 12 months ago
#27077 Metadata is not displayed on top relays page Medium Normal irl 12 months ago
#26667 Add "Experimental" and "Obsolete" additional flags Medium Normal irl 13 months ago
#27042 Relay Search should not claim recommended_version is false when onionoo makes no statement about it Medium Normal BHydden 13 months ago
#26864 did #18342 break RS' display of the host_name field? Medium Normal nusenu 13 months ago
#27043 Relay Search should not claim recommended_version is false when onionoo makes no statement about it High Normal nusenu 13 months ago
#25050 add sum row at the bottom of the search results Low Normal cypherpunks 13 months ago
#25238 Can't list all relays for a version when aggregating by version Medium Normal irl 13 months ago
#25864 Aggregated search doesn't carry filters through to the country and AS views Medium Normal teor 13 months ago
#26834 Show verified and unverified host names Medium Normal irl 13 months ago
#25199 have a distinct banner for relays running versions newer than what is recommended Medium Normal cypherpunks 14 months ago
#25242 Sorting by country or autonomous system is interesting when there's more than one Medium Normal irl 14 months ago
#25533 Relay properties page: Link all properties and flags in page Medium Minor anadahz 14 months ago
#25861 make country clickable and provide country-exits only and AS-exits only links Medium Normal cypherpunks 14 months ago
#26518 The fourth most popular AS in the Tor network is "(distinct)"? Medium Normal arma 14 months ago
#23890 Drop minutes and seconds from first seen time delta Medium Normal cypherpunks 14 months ago
#26079 Expand text for Unmeasured flag to explain it can happen to older relays too Medium Normal irl 15 months ago
#25854 Improve advertised/observed bandwidth mouseover text Medium Normal irl 15 months ago
#25881 RS: Exit Addresses field description (mouseover) needs to be updated (since it changed in onionoo) Medium Normal cypherpunks 15 months ago
#25393 Integration of RelaySearch Medium Normal iwakeh 17 months ago
#25239 Link to server descriptor and extra info descriptor when relays have a DirPort Medium Normal irl 17 months ago
#25558 Warning on Relay Search about outdated Tor is misleading Medium Minor pastly 17 months ago
#25518 RS fails to display bw graphs for relays where onionoo provides 3_days level and not 1_month level data Medium Normal cypherpunks 17 months ago
#25541 Tor metrics says my relay has been off-line for a day but SSHing to it shows no problems Medium Normal Dbryrtfbcbhgf 17 months ago
#23518 Turn Atlas into page on Tor Metrics Medium Normal karsten 18 months ago
#25281 Deploy a redirect from atlas.tpo to metrics.tpo/rs.html Medium Normal irl 18 months ago
#25034 inconsistent eff. family counter in Relay Search Low Normal cypherpunks 18 months ago
#25077 Atlas onion service calls clearnet Medium Normal cypherpunks 18 months ago
#25256 Create an index.jsp based on the index.html to use metrics-web styles Medium Normal irl 18 months ago
#25195 eliminate false-positives for red "This relay is running an outdated Tor version" banner Medium Normal cypherpunks 19 months ago
#24974 add onionoo version field to atlas/relay search Low Normal cypherpunks 19 months ago
#24155 Prepare for increase in bandwidth statistics reporting interval from 4 to 24 hours Medium Normal karsten 19 months ago
#24831 Consider providing more/less fine grained data for Realy Search graphs Medium Normal irl 19 months ago
#24828 Remove tabs when no data is available for graphs Medium Normal irl 19 months ago
#25086 make clear that bw is about adv. bw. Low Trivial cypherpunks 19 months ago
#24829 Consider which time periods to show for graphs Medium Normal irl 19 months ago
#24885 Hide the HSDir and Guard flags on bridges in Relay Search Medium Normal teor 19 months ago
#24869 Put all map parameters in the URL Medium Normal teor 20 months ago
#6675 Support grouping by contact Medium Normal cypherpunks 20 months ago
#6855 Support aggregation by tor version (exact and match on first three numbers) Low Normal cypherpunkx 20 months ago
#24788 Please put a timezone on the relay search data time Medium Normal teor 20 months ago
#24771 Relay search is not working Very High Critical Dbryrtfbcbhgf 20 months ago
#24507 Allow for aggregation property to be selected from list Medium Normal irl 20 months ago
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(If you get no response on IRC, you can highlight irl, the current Relay Search maintainer)

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