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Volunteering and Contributing to Metrics

The Metrics Team supports a growing codebase for maintaining and analyzing data for an also growing number of data sources. Thus there are limited resources available for supporting projects outside the immediate scope.

This means on one hand help wanted and on the other that we cannot help volunteers learn how to help us. So we compiled a few steps below what we think help a volunteer getting started smoothly.

Where to help

(TODO: add appropriate links)

  • Run an independent server instance of one of Metrics products, like
    • Onionoo
    • CollecTor
  • Use metrics-lib for analyzing Tor data.
  • Enter bugs or feature requests in [ trac].
  • Help implementing open tasks. These will be tagged as metrics-help in trac. Here a table with open tasks: (TODO include table query)

How to contribute


Read through the available documentation and take a look at the metrics web sites in order to get an idea what is done here. Starting points:


Typical Work-flow

  1. Pick a task from the metrics-help tagged ones (see table above).
  2. Analyze the problem and add a comment containing the (short) analysis and proposed solution.
  3. We'll discuss the solution with you to make sure things fit before too much code is written.
  4. Provide a patch (see [ guide doc]).
  5. Finally the review and revision cycle.
  6. patch merged to Metrics code base.