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    154154 1. Review information architecture for Tor Metrics (#24422) and update to Bootstrap 4. (M)
    155155 1. Write an initial CollecTor module for PrivCount including format specification discussions. Make some internal graphs (not on Tor Metrics) with: number of relays supporting each statistics version in each consensus; number of relays actually reporting statistics in each day; number of tally reporters processing statistics. (M)
    156  1. Finish operational issues notifications. (M; 30% done)
     156 1. Finish operational issues notifications (#28322). (M; 30% done)
    157157 1. Add a metrics-web module to add the consensus weight per bwauth graph from #25459. Requires using votes in metrics-web. (M; 100% done)
    158158 1. Run arthur's DNS timeout scanner, archive it in CollecTor, and add it to Onionoo. (2M)
    162162 1. Make a plan for adding external research data to either Tor Metrics or the research portal. (S; 15% done)
    163163 1. Rewrite or extend TorDNSEL with Stem to support IPv6. (2M)
    164  1. Extend dir-spec to serve recent, non-current consensuses and votes. Requires help by the network team. (M)
     164 1. Extend dir-spec to serve recent, non-current consensuses and votes (#21378) and CollecTor to fetch them (#28324). Requires help by the network team. (M)
    165165 1. Review CollecTor's use of file system storage and explore alternatives, potentially ZFS. (M; 10% done)
    166166 1. Finish adding Java 8 date/time (#23752). (M)