Network Health Team


The network health team doesn't quite exist yet, in the sense that it has no people funded to work on it, but when it does, it will work on these five areas:

(1) track community standards about what makes a good relay

  • publish up-to-date expectations for relay operators
  • set best practices for how to set relay families
  • detect and resolve bad relays
    • exitmap, sybil detection, hsdir traps

(2) anomaly analysis / network health engineer [with network team]

  • establish baselines of expected network behavior
  • look for and resolve denial of service issues
  • track connectivity issues between relays
  • look for relays hitting resource limits

(3) make sure usage/growth stats are collected and accurate

  • track network performance, relay diversity by various metrics
  • count users [with network team and metrics team]
  • monitor bridge growth and usage [with censorship team]

(4) relay advocacy [with community team]

  • maintain docs for setting up and running relays and bridges
  • grow a cohesive community of relay operators so they have peers
    • keep relays on the right tor versions
  • relaunch a gamification / badge system for lauding good relay progress
  • strengthen relationships with non-profit orgs that run relays
  • help companies that want to offset their tor network load

(5) maintain the components of the network

  • maintain directory authority relationships
  • keep bandwidth authorities working (including setting the right balance between speed and location diversity)
  • have enough tor browser default bridges, and keep them running smoothly [with censorship team]
  • update the fallbackdirs list


Roger, David, and Georg have expressed enthusiasm about having this team.


Other teams have weekly irc meetings, but we're not there yet.

We do have a public and archived mailing list though:


In Stockholm we met to begin planning: notes

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