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Some categories that need help automatically:

  • Tickets without a component
  • Tickets in core tor / Tor without a milestone

Bug triage: How I do it.

  1. Look at the messages on the tor-bugs mailing list, or the bug changes on the timeline. You can skip over the ones that aren't "Core Tor/Tor" or "Please select a component".

1.5. Delete it?

If the ticket is spam, ping qbi on IRC or via mail. Send him the user name of the spammer plus the ticket number or wiki page. He'll check it and then disable the user and delete all its edits (tickets, wiki pages etc.). Everyone who is in the tracadm group can execute the script. Log in to troodi, sudo to tracadm and execute delete-user USERNAME.

  1. For the "please select a component" ones, try to set a component if you can.
  1. Make sure all the fields are right, if you can:
    • points
    • version
    • severity
    • priority
    • Status (put it in needs_review if it has a patch. Put it in needs_information if it's too vague to figure out).
    • type
    • component
    • Keywords including (See: org/process/TorOnTrac#Keywords):
      • regression
      • 02x-backport
      • (what part of tor it's in?)
      • 02x-proposed, if you think it should go in some frozen release series.
      • needs-proposal
      • easy
      • intro
    • Cc the subsystem maintainers, if you know who they are and you can identify the subsystem.
    • Sponsor, if it's totally obvious.
    • Summary, if the original summary wasn't informative.
  1. Milestone:
  • If it's a regression, put it in the current development milestone, with appropriate 02x-backport tickets.
  • If it's a bug, put it in the current development milestone, with appropriate 02x-backport tickets.
  • If it has a patch, put it in whatever development milestone is taking patches of this type.
  • Otherwise you can leave it with no milestone for now.
  1. Close it?

If the ticket is something that we will never do, or a request for tech support, or a duplicate, then please close it as such. For duplicates, mention each ticket on the other ticket's comments. For tech support requests, tell people where to get tech support as you close.

  1. Fast fixes first!

Here, let X be some number of minutes between 1 and 5, depending how you feel.

If you can fix the bug in X minutes, do so!

Alternatively, if you can explain how to fix the bug in X minutes, do so!

Alternatively, if you are sure you'll want to figure it out and fix it, assign it to yourself (assign monthly keywords as appropriate.)

Alternatively, if the bug is from somebody you don't know, make sure at least to thank them for reporting the bug, and say at least something to help advance the state of it. New bug reporters should be made to feel welcome!


(Nick / Isabela should do)

  1. Make sure everything in the current dev and stable milestones belongs there.
  1. Try to make sure that there are no tickets without a component.
  1. Make sure every Core Tor/Tor ticket has a milestone.
  1. Try to make sure everything has points.
  1. Look at needs_review/etc tickets.