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A meeting of the Tor network team to discuss new guard designs, along with making plans, milestones, and deadlines.

Week at a glance

  • Sun, 11 Jun: People arrive
  • Mon, 12 Jun:
  • Tue, 13 Jun:
  • Wed, 14 Jun:
  • Thu, 15 Jun:
  • Fri, 16 Jun: Many people leave in the evening


Wilmington Delaware

Airports near Wilmington

If flying into BWI is cheap and convenient for you, it's a good choice, because it's on the Amtrak line: you just take the Amtrak up to Wilmington.

Flying into PHL is not a bad choice, but the logistics of getting from PHL to Wilmington are a bit fiddly. Probably your best bet is to Uber or something, really.

Flying into EWR will work too, since it's on the Amtrak line too: you just get on the Amtrak and go 90 minutes south to Wilmington.