Network Team meetings

Hackfest style meetings

Proposal review meetings

We meet from time to time to discuss and review design proposals. Here are links to notes from some past meetings:

Date Topic Links to Notes
19 Jan 2016 Guard selection algorithms Meetbot notes
22 Jan 2016 Netflow padding and negotiation (prop 251, prop 254) Meetbot notes
26 Jan 2016 Distributed randomness generation (prop 250) Meetbot notes
4 Feb 2016 Postquantum Crypto (prop 249, prop 263) Meetbot notes
8 Feb 2016 Single-onion services of various forms (prop 252, prop 260, prop 246) Meeting notes
12 Feb 2016 Disabling old clients (prop 264, prop 266) Meeting notes
15 Feb 2016 Changing the weight equations again! (prop 265) meeting notes
19 Feb 2016 Hardening dirauths (props 257, 258) meeting notes
16 Mar 2016 Next-gen hidden services (prop 224) meeting notes
17 Mar 2016 Tor Consensus Transparency (prop 267) meeting notes
TODO: Writeme TODO: writeme

And here are some upcoming meeting times and topics. (Note that if you are listed as a must-have attendee, it means that we should probably reschedule if it turns out you can't make it.)

  • Proposal 999: Including a family of wombats in the Tor distribution
    • Thursday, Jan 15, 9:00 am EST (==1400 UTC) NOT FINAL
    • Must-have attendees: Alice, Bob, Carol, Dave
    • Conflicts: (If you are noting a conflict, please include a big bunch of times when you COULD make it.)
      • Nick: I'm busy then, though I'm generally free from 0900-1700 EST. But feel free to go ahead without me. Go wombats!
      • ???
    • Can-attend: Alice, Carol, Dave

On noting conflicts

  • Please note a conflict if you think that you should really be at this meeting.
  • Feel free to note a conflict if you think that the meeting could go on without you; but if you do, make sure you say so.
  • If you are noting a conflict, please include a big range of times when you COULD make it.

General availability

If you're okay with the world knowing when you're around, you can stick schedule info here. This isn't a commitment; it's meant to be an aid to helping others plan meeting times you can attend.

  • Nick
    • I'm happiest to meet: MF 1330-1900 UTC; Tue 1330-2000 UTC; and WTh 1330-2200 UTC.
    • I'm usually too sleepy to do anything from 0200 UTC through 1330 UTC.
    • I don't like to schedule work on weekends.
  • teor
    • I'm happiest to meet: MTuWTh 2200-0700 UTC.
    • I can go as early as 2100 UTC and as late as 1100 UTC with a few days' warning.
    • UTC / US Fridays are my Saturdays: I find it hard to make Friday meetings.
    • I don't like to schedule work on weekends. Sometimes I don't read email or IRC all weekend.
  • asn
    • When not travelling, I'm happy to meet: weekdays 1300-1800 UTC.
    • Any other time plausible but on a best effort basis.
  • dgoulet
    • I'm happiest to meet from 13:00-22:00 UTC Monday to Friday.
    • I can go as late as 0200 UTC for meetings but after that my brain is dead.
    • Weekends I'm usually afk.
  • mike
    • Any time 17:00-02:00 UTC will usually work. After 02:00 UTC can often work, but not always.
    • I don't work on weekends, and try to avoid working on holidays (though varies by holiday).
  • ahf
    • I'm available 12:30-21:00 UTC from Monday to Friday, but might check-in and leave earlier on Fridays.
    • Weekends should be scheduled in advanced, but I'm likely reachable by email/IRC.
  • catalyst
    • I'm generally available 15:00-23:00 UTC Monday to Friday.
    • I don't like to schedule work on weekends.
  • gaba
    • Usually in irc from 1600 to 0000 UTC Monday to Friday.
    • You can leave a personal message for me and I will reply it when I'm around.
    • I set myself in away AFK when I'm not around.
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