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Sponsor 8 notes/instructions for the network team.


This is a small guide for getting Tor to compile for Android where it is bundled with Orbot from The Guardian Project.

I've tested this on a Debian 9 (stretch) installation running in a virtual machine.

You need to manually download and install the Android SDK and NDK. I used the Android Studio variant where you get a full IDE included for Android development.

Build Orbot and its dependencies

Start by cloning the Orbot tree:

$ git clone
$ cd orbot

Orbot uses Git submodules for various dependencies and tools needed (including little-t-tor). Fetch these using:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

To build little-t-tor and other external C/C++ dependencies you must set the ANDROID_NDK_HOME variable to the path where you extracted the NDK to.

$ export ANDROID_NDK_HOME=path/to/ndk

We now build the external dependencies for Orbot:

$ make -C external

Device Setup

High End Devices

Nexus 5x

To enable development mode for the Nexus 5x go to Settings, then About Phone, then find the "Build Number" and tap it seven times. You will now be able to find the Developer Options under systems setting.

Low End Devices

We need to figure out a popular, cheap, device that is suitable for more "real world" testing.

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