Team rotation

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November, 2018

Week of Bug triage CI+Coverity
2018-11-05 catalyst mikeperry
2018-11-12 dgoulet nickm
2018-11-19 mikeperry teor
2018-11-26 nickm ahf

December, 2018

Week of Bug triage CI+Coverity
2018-12-03 teor asn
2018-12-10 ahf catalyst
2018-12-17 asn dgoulet
2018-12-24 catalyst mikeperry
2018-12-31 dgoulet nickm

January, 2019

Week of Bug triage CI+Coverity
2019-01-07 mikeperry teor
2019-01-14 nickm ahf
2019-01-21 teor asn
2019-01-28 ahf catalyst

Active Weekly roles

Bug triage:

Coverity response

  • Try to fix any newly reported issues from coverity scan. If they're not immediately obvious, see if they're a possible security issue. If not, open a ticket. If so, escalate.
  • To escalate, send an encrypted email to network-team-security@… (the list key is on the keyservers signed by many of us on the list).

CI response

Long-term roles

Stable release maintainer (backport decider)

  • Currently nickm

Master branch maintainer

  • (dgoulet) merge code into master for subsystems:
    • Onion services (includes shared randomness)
    • Channels + Circuitmux + Scheduler
    • Cell logic (onionskin / parsing)
    • Threading backend code
  • (asn)
    • Onion services (includes shared randomness)
    • Guard
    • Pluggable Transport
  • (nickm) merge code into master for all the rest of the code.

Details of the duties and processes on maintaining the Tor code base can be found here:

Assigners of Reviews

  • Once a week, assign needs_review tickets in Tor and sbws to team members
  • Currently dgoulet and asn

Team observer

  • Sit in other teams' weekly meetings
  • Maybe read their ticket updates, etc?
  • Help us understand what they need, help them understand what we need.
  • eg TBB, Metrics, UX, Community, OONI, Anti-Censorship
  • Currently gaba

Roles that everybody will play weekly

Every week each of us will spend some time on each of this tasks.

15 minutes bug fixes

  • When there are new bugs that can be fixed in 15 minutes, fix them.
  • If there are new patches that can be merged in 15 minutes, merge them
  • "15 minutes" is an arbitrary interval.

Community person

Design Meetings

  • Identifies open design proposals that need more work, and organizes meetings (if needed) to move them forward.

Frontline tech support (#tor, tor-relays@)

  • Keep an eye on places where people ask tech support questions.
  • Try to help with helping them.
  • Help report bugs and usability issues.
  • The main goal here is to make sure that our team remains aware of what people are having trouble with.
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