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Team rotation

(The calendar below was autogenerated from a script at , also attached to this page. Please feel free to trade assignments with other people!)


July, 2018

Week of Bug triage Community hero Design meetings CI+Coverity
2018-07-09 asn catalyst dgoulet mikeperry
2018-07-16 catalyst dgoulet mikeperry nickm
2018-07-23 dgoulet mikeperry nickm teor
2018-07-30 mikeperry nickm teor ahf

August, 2018

Week of Bug triage Community hero Design meetings CI+Coverity
2018-08-06 nickm teor ahf asn
2018-08-13 teor ahf asn catalyst
2018-08-20 ahf asn catalyst dgoulet
2018-08-27 asn catalyst dgoulet mikeperry

September, 2018

Week of Bug triage Community hero Design meetings CI+Coverity
2018-09-03 catalyst dgoulet mikeperry nickm
2018-09-10 dgoulet mikeperry nickm teor
2018-09-17 mikeperry nickm teor ahf
2018-09-24 nickm teor ahf asn

October, 2018

Week of Bug triage Community hero Design meetings CI+Coverity
2018-10-01 teor ahf asn catalyst

Weekly roles

Bug triage:

Coverity response

  • Try to fix any newly reported issues from coverity scan.

Jenkins response

  • Keep an eye on Jenkins builds at
  • If they break, either fix them or let the people who broke them know (though keep an eye on #25819 to see if we can get the robots to do this part).
  • If it is a build failure due to a missing or broken dependency, consider writing an autoconf test to catch it before build starts (unless that is why it is failing). If it is failing in ./configure, consider filing an Internal Services:Jenkins ticket to update the build system.
  • If it is a compile or test failure, file a ticket against core-tor and/or fix it.
  • Before you file a ticket, check!closed&keywords=~jenkins. If you file a ticket, tag it with jenkins.

Team observer

  • Sit in other teams' weekly meetings
  • Maybe read their ticket updates, etc?
  • Help us understand what they need, help them understand what we need.
  • eg TBB, Metrics, UX, Community, whom am I forgetting?

15 minutes bug fixes

  • When there are new bugs that can be fixed in 15 minutes, fix them.
  • If there are new patches that can be merged in 15 minutes, merge them
  • "15 minutes" is an arbitrary interval.

Frontline tech support (#tor, tor-relays@)

  • Keep an eye on places where people ask tech support questions.
  • Try to help with helping them.
  • Help report bugs and usability issues.
  • The main goal here is to make sure that our team remains aware of what people are having trouble with.

Documentation hax

  • (I don't know what this means)

Community hero

  • Interacts with user questions, finding answers if they don't know them. Helps out new volunteers with patches, etc.

Monthly roles

Communication Liaison ("speaker to Josh")

Network team monthly report (rapporteur)

Assigners of Reviews

Long-term roles

Stable release maintainer (backport decider)

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