Ticket Triage

This page documents our ticket triaging process for a milestone.

We often end up with a lot of tickets in a milestone and unfortunately not enough capacity to address them all. Furthermore, we have a roadmap to respect so in order for a ticket to get into a milestone, it must match those criteria:

  • Must-fix bugs, to include:
    • Security issues (keyword: security)
    • Regressions (keyword: regression)
    • Crash bugs (keyword: crash)
  • Issues which are very very fast to fix, usually under an hour (keyword: fast-fix)
  • Roadmap item (see below for the process).

If you are unsure if a ticket should go in the Unspecified milestone, mark it <VERSION>-proposed so we can decide during the network team weekly meeting if it should.

Triage Algorithm

For all tickets in a specific milestone (ex: 0.3.4.x), here are the 4 phases. The <VERSION> would be "034" for the context of the 0.3.4.x milestone.

PHASE ONE: Marking the root issues

1) Make sure that all must-fix issues are tagged (Keywords) with <VERSION>-must and one or more of the following:

  • security
  • crash
  • regression

2) For every issue that is very very fast to fix, if you believe that you will fix it and need less than 1 hour to do so, mark it fast-fix and assign it to yourself. (If it is worth fixing, and it will take less than an hour, and you will _not_ do it yourself, convince somebody else to take it on.)

3) For every roadmapped master issue, tag the issue with <VERSION>-roadmap-master. Make sure that every subticket of that roadmapped master issue has that ticket as its parent, grand-parent, great-grandparent, etc.

4) If there are high-impact issues that are not yet marked, which you believe should be fixed in <VERSION>, you need to get them on the roadmap. Mark them as <VERSION>-roadmap-proposed. We should discuss this list regularly at the network team weekly meeting.

PHASE TWO: Transitive closure

1) Iteratively identify every issue whose parent has <VERSION>-roadmap-master and mark that issue with <VERSION>-roadmap-subtask.

PHASE THREE: Getting ready to sweep

1) Mark every issue in the 0.3.4 milestone with <VERSION>-triage-<YYYYMMDD>.

2) For every kind of ticket that was marked in phase one or phase two above, mark it with <VERSION>-included-<YYYYMMDD>.

3) Find those tickets in 0.3.4 that are not marked with <VERSION>-included-<YYYYMMDD>. Mark them with <VERSION>-removed-<YYYYMMDD>.

4) Solicit comment on the removed tickets. Should any of them go into the roadmap after all?

PHASE FOUR: Sweeping the tickets

1) Move every ticket in <VERSION>-removed-* into Tor: unspecified.

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