Tor Library Size Reduction

The goal is to reduce the size of the tor library so that applications that are sensitive to download size can link it easily.


  1. Find a way to measure the size of Tor + its dependencies for, say, Android. This involves figuring out *how* we build OpenSSL, Libevent, and Tor the way Orbot and TB does it (which flags and features they enable/disable).
  1. Measure the size of the dependencies and Tor with the build steps in (1).
  1. Go back in time to maybe 0.3.0 or 0.3.1 and build Tor using (1) and then measure using (2), so we can have an informed discussion on the progress we make to this.


Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Points
#13770 BusyBox-style bundling of Go programs can save space new tbb-team Medium
#33047 How can we optimise the anti-censorship suite for mobile? new Medium
#33291 Making the tor library size smaller assigned dgoulet Medium
#33371 Build only with required libevent2 libraries new Medium
#33372 Add support for disabling DNSPort new Medium

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