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    55Everytime a website is accessed through tor browser, users are able to visualise the tor circuit that was used to reach the current site. This is accomplished via the circuit display, a user interface component listing the countries and nodes that have been used to reach the visited page.
    78The circuit display can also be used to request a new circuit. Users would usually want to do so either if the page is taking to long to load or if they see anything is amiss with the page rendering. We have found out that when requesting a new circuit, many users were hoping to see the all nodes in the circuit to change. This is rarely the case. The first relay in the tor circuit, called "guard" is a fast and stable relay that remains the first one in the user's tor circuit for 2-3 months. This is a design feature within tor meant to protect against a known anonymity-breaking attack.
    9 The problem we tried to solve is related to a new circuit request and how users understand the circuit visualizer.
     11The problem we tried to solve is related to a new circuit request and how users can understand the circuit visualizer.
    1012Previously, there was no indicator on the circuit display to show the user that the first node is a guard, what guards are, and what happens when Tor creates new circuits for a user.