User Research Program

In 2017, the Tor Project launched our user testing program, a project from our User Experience (UX) team in collaboration with our Community team, in which we combine online security training with user testing and feedback collection from some of Tor’s most at-risk users in the Global South. Based on feedback from the user research program, we implement fixes to these identified user problems.

We refuse to collect any type of invasive data that can expose our users in-risk. Our approach to usability is built on respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our users. We test our hypotheses and make observations in the safest way possible; in most cases, we do this work in-person with our users, not by collecting data about their behavior.

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UX Research 2019

  • Survey: Tor Users Demographics - Tor Browser


  • Usability Testing: Onboarding
  • Usability Testing: Security Settings


  • Usability Testing: TBA
  • Survey:


  • Usability Testing: New Identity
  • Usability Testing: Warnings and Notifications

UX Research 2018

  • Survey: Tor Users Demographics - Tor Browser
Results .csv
  • Usability Testing: Tor Launcher
Methodology .pdf
Test .pdf
Locations Mumbai(IN)

  • Usability Testing: Onion Security Indicator
Methodology .pdf
Test .pdf
Locations Mumbai(IN), Kampala(UG), Valencia(ES), Mombasa(KE)
  • Usability Testing: Circuit Display
Methodology .pdf
Test .pdf
Locations Kampala(UG), Nairobi(KE), Mombasa(KE)
  • Activity: User Needs Discovery
Methodology .pdf
Locations Bogotá(CL), Cali(CL), Valle del Cauca(CL), Kampala(UG), Hoima(UG), Nairobi(KE)
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