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UX Team


Welcome to the UX team. The UX team is a multidisciplinary group of people who cares about UX for privacy and security tools. There current other 4 teams part of Tor: Metrics Team measures and analyses things in the public Tor network, Network Team writes the software to keep the Tor network running, the Applications Team produces usable applications for end users, and the Community Team focuses on the non-technical aspects of growing a healthy Tor community.


User Experience is always a multidisciplinary effort, it involves designers, user researchers, data analysts, localization and internationalization specialists, product, UI engineer, coy writer, marketing etc. Is the collective contribution of all these skills that helps understand the user and build the best experience for them. We're not listing names here to keep the team open to everyone. You're on the team if you're participating in discussions and development, and you're not part of the team anymore if you decide you want to move on (which we hope won't happen).

How we operate with dev teams


org/meetings/2015UXsprint: January 2015 meeting, live usability testing of download, install, configuration, and basic usage such as web searching and New Identity. Summarized in a HotPETs 2015 paper. See also:

doc/TorLauncherUX2016: Usability testing and design of Tor Launcher under simulated censorship.


UX mailing list (archives)

History of changes

(Notes from 2015-02-09 IRC meeting.) simple: problem, hypothesis (what we tried), solution. I am thinking of grouping these by phases of the user path, so the animations can be part of 'awareness' group.

Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 introduces Tor Launcher.

#16665 People are confused when their first hop (their guard) never changes.

#11773 Revisions to Tor Launcher based on preliminary results from doc/TorLauncherUX2016.

Tickets marked #ux and #tbb-usability.