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UX team

Welcome to the UX team page! ٩(◕‿◕)۶


We want to make Tor applications usable and useful to people that need them.

We support Tor application teams on their projects with UI design, visual design, user testing, and user research.

We are a multidisciplinary team of designers, UI engineers, and user researchers, data analysts, and localization/internationalization specialists.


Linda Lee, UX team lead
linda (irc), linda@…

  • languages: English, Korean
  • specialties: project management, user research methodologies, writing content
  • interests: vegan foods, weird-looking flowers, cute fish (especially pufferfish)

Isabela Bagueros, UX engineer
isabela (irc), isabela@…

  • languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • specialties: UX industry landscaping, wireframing interfaces, training people to use Tor
  • interests: anything Brazilian, warm places, a nice cup of coffee

We often work with partners, contractors, and volunteers. You're considered to be on the team if you're working on a project with us.

Tor welcomes contributors! Contact us or ping the UX mailing list to get involved.


Take a look at what we're up to, what we have, and how we do things.






User research:

Industry benchmarking:

  • todo: research other anonymity and censorship tools and link a doc here.
  • todo: research other analytics tools for metrics
  • todo: research other censorship measurement tools for ooni

Design assets:


We're currently working on establishing a set process to evaluate, design, and push changes. We like this example.

There's a poorly maintained wekan board of todos and tickets floating around trac marked with #ux, #ux-mobile, #tbb-usability.



These are some of the basics. They are all a quick (<7 min) read!

Want to learn more? Read this self-start guide.


These are some notes we didn't want to forget about.

Winter Dev 2016: