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org/meetings/2015UXsprint: January 2015 meeting, live usability testing of download, install, configuration, and basic usage such as web searching and New Identity. Summarized in a HotPETs 2015 paper. See also:

doc/TorLauncherUX2016: Usability testing and design of Tor Launcher under simulated censorship.


We are voting to pick the next meeting day/time:

UX mailing list (archives)

History of changes

(Notes from 2015-02-09 IRC meeting.) simple: problem, hypothesis (what we tried), solution. I am thinking of grouping these by phases of the user path, so the animations can be part of 'awareness' group.

Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 introduces Tor Launcher.

#16665 People are confused when their first hop (their guard) never changes.

#11773 Revisions to Tor Launcher based on preliminary results from doc/TorLauncherUX2016.

Tickets marked #ux and #tbb-usability.