Linda Naeun Lee

Welcome to my page! ٩(◕‿◕)۶

I'm Linda, and I lead the UX team at Tor Project Inc. I have a Master's Degree in Computer Security from the University of California Berkeley, where I worked as a researcher in SCRUB (secure computing research for users' benefit) and BLUES (Berkeley laboratory for usable and experimental security). My master's thesis was tested if people could connect to Tor in censored environments.

Contact me at linda [at] torproject [dot] org or message me on IRC @linda.

Tickets I own

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#23150 new Re-evaluating tor browser's security controls: let's have one place to adjust all per-tab, global, persistent, and per-session security preferences. linda linda

Monthly Summaries


September 2017

Starting this month, I'll be reporting on what the UX team did, instead of just what I did. I lead the team, and support all this work, after all. This month, we:

  • met in person in NYC and designed (ticket, archive of wireframes)
  • agreed on the new design of Tor launcher, and getting the progress bar to behave correctly and have nice icons (launcher design ticket, progress bar behavior ticket, icons ticket)
  • finalized the Onion Browser branding survey and started to build the survey application to host the survey ourselves (ticket)
  • started to work on a live style guide with all the bootstrap elements stylized in a Tor way (ticket, preview prototype)
  • updated the metrics website with new style guidelines (ticket)
  • started to building the Tor monthly newsletter (ticket)

August 2017

I finalized the design and copy of Tor launcher (#23261, pdf) and Mark has also built a working prototype of this new design. It will be implemented soon! I also finished three iterations of the Onion Browser branding survey, which aims to quantify how likely they will pick Onion Browser from an app store of browsers that claim to be affiliated with Tor, and what they would find more helpful in signaling the recommendation for Onion Browser and Tor.

July 2017

I gave a talk to PETS 2017 on my paper on usability of Tor Launcher, IA'ed content for, and finished redesigning Tor launcher. In addition I started other work, such as: potential changes to the tor browser toolbar to give easier access to security controls, messages and indicators for different states when visiting a .onion site (http + .onion, for instance), and user testing for onionbrowser to validate recent changes to their onboarding sequence.

June 2017

I spent a majority of the month making design changes to the tor blog (#22510,#22392, #22395). I also iterated on the design of tor launcher according to my previous research, and attended Mozilla all-hands to talk about uplifting features, and future UX work. June felt like a productive month, mostly due to the organizational processes in place! This was the first month of weekly ticket triages and team meetings, which gave us a better sense of what is going on in the organization and how to prioritize our work.

May 2017

With Antonela, I made the initial wireframes for all pages and subpages for I also participated in brainstorming next steps for improving Tor launcher. I attended Stockholm Internet Forum, restructured the UX meetings and how UX tasks are tracked in tickets, and brainstorming/getting devices for user testing.

April 2017

I made progress on redesigning the website (#22120 and child tickets), attended tor-mobile meetings and gave UX feedback on onboarding screens, and got better at team organization and project management. We now have a regular UX team meeting with agenda, a team roadmap, use tickets to track work, and triage tickets on a regular basis.

Mar 2017

Performed user tests on the mobile security slider, designed the portals for, especially the support page, brainstormed improving tor launcher, browser fonts, and security slider for tor browser, attended rightscon and interacted with human rights activists, policymakers, and funders, and designed tor-official images and banners.

Feb 2017

I designed wireframes for the support page and brainstormed ideas for redesigning the home/landing page. My motivation for doing this is to prepare for the SIDA proposal. Other things I did include: fixing up my research paper that got accepted into PETS, organize user testing of the orfox security slider, planned the seattle meeting to talk about grants and future projects, working with Elio to make tor-official images, and reaching out to lots of volunteers.

January 2017

I created a user testing plan and supporting documents for Orfox, provided UI feedback for OONI's web interface before launch, and contracted a designer to start re-making all official tor-images in .svg format. I supported the metrics team in deploying, wrote a blog post to coordinate, and handled the blog comments.


December 2016

I finished redesigning the Tor metrics page. I worked with the OONI's contracted UX designer, Adarsh, and designed the web and mobile UI for OONI.

November 2016

I led the efforts to redesign the Tor Metrics page. I also finished writing my research paper on a usability evaluation of Tor Launcher to PETS 2017. And helped hire a contracted UX designer for OONI to design web and mobile UI.

October 2016

I designed Orfox's security slider UI (project page,#20291 ). I also worked on writing up my usability evaluation of Tor Launcher, incorporating feedback from the last round of reviews from PETS 2017 and adding new methodology, inspection, and design sections.

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