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Ticket Component Status Summary Owner Reporter
#28000 Core Tor/Tor assigned Add support for performing signing operations using ssh-agent ln5 ln5
#27999 Core Tor/Tor assigned Allow for long-running signing operations ln5 ln5
#17274 Core Tor/Tor new Some kind of append-only log for consensus documents and votes ln5 nickm
#5788 Core Tor/Tor new Add support for relays without an IPv4 address ln5 ln5
#4847 Core Tor/Tor assigned Fix IPv6 bridges with a private/dynamic IPv4 address ln5 ln5
#4565 Core Tor/Tor assigned Enable relays to talk to other relays via IPv6 ln5 karsten

In cc

Ticket Component Status Summary Owner Reporter
#27607 Applications/Tor Browser new Enabling SVG sets security slider back to "Safer" tbb-team gk
#24730 Core Tor/Torflow new Clarify the bandwidth authority spec to include client and server/service paths tom teor
#18968 Applications/Tor Check new bulkexitlist is so much larger than exit-addresses arlolra arlolra
#11360 Core Tor/Tor new Listen on IPv6 by default for SocksPort *:Port dgoulet
#6777 Core Tor/Tor new add config option to not rate limit authority dir conns arma
#5532 Core Tor/Tor needs_revision Reconstruct and merge 4561 leftover code that adds wrappers for address-access functions nickm karsten
#4806 Core Tor/Tor needs_revision Detect and warn when running IPv6-using client without IPv6 address privacy nickm
#4631 Core Tor/Tor new Idea to make consensus voting more resistant Sebastian
#4624 Core Tor/Tor new Config option to declare whether you're using bridges for reachability or for security arma
#4581 Core Tor/Tor needs_revision Dir auths should defend themselves from too many begindir requests per address arma
#4580 Core Tor/Tor new Some Tor clients go nuts requesting the consensus if there is no recent enough consensus arma
#2664 Core Tor/Tor new DoS and failure resistence improvements mikeperry

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