Welcome to my user page. I registered here through Tor. I call this a "no leak" account. Though one should never assume oneself to be "good practice safe" unless running at least a non-exit Tor relay. Tor Browser Bundle is not helpful in letting your computer be a relay so enhance your anonymity by downloading the source code of the torproject(I wish you people let your .onion address be visible) for Tor. If Vidalia ever helped you and if it is still maintained then hopefully/possibly download the source for that as well, unless you may as well as me want to learn how to do it all through manual editing of configuration files which does not require a graphical user interface.

Where is that page where we advocate for other sites to be friendly to users of Tor? Here it is! I found it!

There is a popular fear of running exit relays, and I'm personally afraid, not because of if I think free speech is bad, I know for sure it is good(journalists, oppressed citizens, law enforcement privacy, personal life privacy, the list goes on), but because of the consequences of my free speech. Where is that hidden service which I can connect to that can replace

I have run a non-exit Tor in the past and I want to start running one again, though this time might be a good idea with greater OperationalSecurity. After TBB I got totally confused and lost all sense of what software should fit where, so I can't run even a non-exit as it is now, I'm too confused.

Spam reduction

Before we start

Anita Sarkeesian has showed the worldwideweb that spam can increase at unpredictable rates, not mentioning DDOS attacks, when talking about reality. Advocating for any website to make it possible to register through Tor must be presented with some tools or solutions that are scalable. Example: This website's "controls" are set on "little to no spam" which equals 1 captcha. If spam would increase, the registration through Tor would increase the control to "spam damage has increased" 3 captchas(and "spam attacks gettings serious" to 10 captchas, instead of just blocking registration through Tor)

Another solution proposed was to let a user be required to pay a symbolic amount of cryptocurrency(ie Bitcoin) to the website where the registration attempt was made. Say 0.25$ cents of a Bitcoin. To decrease the amounts of abuse in that regard as well, saying too many people register too many accounts through Tor but without paying the symbolic amounts of Bitcoin through Tor, let the site keep a public list that all users that visit the site get of usernames that were attempted, and let them know of where to send the Bitcoin. Later adding a signed Bitcoin digital signature message on that account name which proves it was the user who spent the money.

### Running example of antispam with use of cryptocurrency but with non-symbolic amount ###

# Reference missing.

reducing spam with captchas

Now let's change the topic to what the problems are in advocating sites to let users register through Tor: Is it maybe too little to register here with only 1 captcha through Tor? Is this scalable in the presence of larger scale abuse?

Optional for Tor user feedback could need a progress bar in javascript(if that's not an attack vector, which it is) or takes the user to a new captcha where it says "2 captchas out of 3 solved". Isn't that a good idea?(code will be provided by me at a later stage initially for a proof of concept)

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