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Where is that page where we advocate for other sites to use Tor? Multiple captchas(or proofs of work) to advocate for instead of banning Tor user registration

Welcome to my user page. I registered here through Tor. I call this a "no leak" account.

Where is that page where we advocate for other sites to be friendly to users of Tor?

Now let's change the topic to what the problems are in advocating sites to let users register through Tor: Is it maybe too little to register here with only 1 captcha through Tor? Is this scalable in the presence of larger scale abuse?

Anita Sarkeesian has showed the worldwideweb that spam can increase at unpredictable rates, not mentioning DDOS attacks, when talking about reality. Advocating for any website to make it possible to register through Tor must be presented with some tools or solutions that are scalable. Example: This website's "controls" are set on "little to no spam" which equals 1 captcha. If spam would increase the registration through Tor would increase the control to "spam damage has increased" 3 captchas(and "spam attacks gettings serious" to 10 captchas, instead of just blocking registration through Tor)

Optional for Tor user feedback could need a progress bar in javascript(if that's not an attack vector, which it is) or takes the user to a new captcha where it says "2 captchas out of 3 solved". Isn't that a good idea?(code will be provided by me at a later stage initially for a proof of concept)