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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#2467 torweather refuses to accept the fingerprint of my relay. kaner defect accepted Very High
#2862 T-Shirt uptime is absolute, not considering tiny interruptions StalkR defect accepted Medium
#4915 Tor Weather: Subscribe: give a better explaination for how to find your fingerprint Larrykl77590 enhancement accepted Medium
#7035 tor weather new relay script misinterprets emails addresses with dots in the name kaner defect accepted Medium
#8999 Create a page "did I earn a t-shirt?" StalkR defect assigned Medium
#10697 Fetch hourly lists from Onionoo with relay status baumanno task assigned Medium
#10769 write weathers emails to a file feverDream enhancement assigned Medium
#11086 handling different settings feverDream enhancement assigned Medium
#1768 Project: Evaluate and deploy improved TorWeather kaner task closed Medium Deliverable-Sep2010
#2012 List node nickname in notification emails kaner defect closed High
#2013 Allow "-" and other chars in email addresses kaner defect closed Medium
#2353 Tor Weather should speciy a node's nicnkname when sending emails kaner enhancement closed Medium
#2459 Missing space in "Node Down!" mail from Tor Weather kaner defect closed Low
#2484 typos in tor weather mails kaner defect closed Medium
#2485 Review Tor Weather's use of TorCtl mikeperry task closed Medium
#2831 Set up backups of the Tor Weather database kaner task closed High
#3297 Language in the weather welcome email. kaner enhancement closed Medium
#4071 Tor logo alt text displays with missing space in Firefox kaner defect closed Very Low
#4352 Weather blows up with a stacktrace on locked database kaner defect closed Medium
#5521 Tor Weather fails with 500 when trying to update notification settings kaner defect closed High
#6616 Node Down - order of links, possible 'detail' link kaner enhancement closed Medium
#8071 "Node Down!" email displays "at least 0 hour" kaner defect closed Very Low
#8075 Installation instructions refer to Subversion repository for TorCtl kaner enhancement closed Medium
#10699 Find out how many users are currently subscribed to Weather karsten task closed Medium
#10705 Write stand-alone Python script that determines which relay operators should be offered a t-shirt enhancement closed Medium
#10708 Consider making Weather's daily t-shirt notifications a separate service enhancement closed Medium
#11228 top-middle.png breaks https on Tor Weather. defect closed Medium
#11229 404 on Tor Weather trademark link defect closed Medium
#11417 add vagrant file for weather baumanno task closed Medium
#12469 Weather CSS includes explicit http:// resources defect closed Low
#16876 Tor Weather confirmation successful e-mail defect closed Medium
#12918 Try out rewritten Weather using copy of original database task needs_information Medium
#2719 Weather should check parsed email addresses for sanity kaner defect needs_review Medium
#4208 Proposed fix for Weather Bug # 2719 kaner defect needs_review Medium
#5941 Update link to Tor directory specifications kaner defect needs_review Medium
#11084 Define criteria for sending out welcome mails using Onionoo's details documents karsten enhancement needs_review Medium
#11956 Implement relay search functionality of rewritten weather enhancement needs_review Medium
#12085 Develop a python wrapper for onionoo services task needs_review Medium
#10706 Find out how to integrate new Python scripts into current Weather feverDream enhancement needs_revision Medium
#2460 Allow registered users to request a new auth string kaner enhancement new Low
#2461 Notify people about relays that recently qualified for a Tor t-shirt kaner enhancement new Medium
#2508 TorWeather thinks my router is down when it's really hibernating kaner defect new Medium
#2521 Weather shouldn't use the confirm_auth string in the URL of the /pending/ page kaner defect new Medium
#2526 Improve bandwidth test on Tor Weather kaner enhancement new Low
#2625 Include version numbers in "Node Out of Date!" mail kaner enhancement new Low
#2829 Tor weather should check its db before sending Welcome notices. kaner defect new Medium
#3236 tor weather refuses to find nodes in its own tor-descriptors kaner defect new Medium
#3262 Weather should look for "-alpha" dev versions, too, when checking recommended Tor versions kaner defect new Medium
#5564 Weather should allow subscription by IP+Port kaner enhancement new Medium
#6886 tor weather not accepting node fingerprints anymore kaner defect new Medium
#6952 Improve 'Node Out of Date' Email kaner enhancement new Medium
#9418 bahri needs upgrading to wheezy kaner defect new Medium
#9760 Tor Weather cant register relay, error 500 kaner defect new Low
#10256 Change link to "search for a router" from metrics' relay-search.html to Atlas enhancement new Medium
#10372 Make Weather tweet about relay uptime, pushed bandwidth, etc. enhancement new Medium
#10709 Consider automating the process of offering t-shirts to relay operators more enhancement new Low
#11080 Scrape email addresses from details document task new Medium
#11081 Send welcome-emails to new relay operators task new Medium
#11141 Create unit-tests for weather components task new Medium
#11227 Send 'node down'-notifications for bridges to their operators. enhancement new Medium
#11239 Automatically check for fingerprint if 2 words are provided enhancement new Medium
#12915 Weather still depends on local tor client defect new Low
#12916 Weather branch shouldn't contain file weather/unparsable-mail.log defect new Low
#12917 Weather setup in Vagrant cannot locate existing Tor relays defect new High
#13918 Link order in 'Confirmation Successful' message is wrong defect new Medium
#14028 Invalid link on page "Notification Specs" defect new Very Low
#14225 torweather subscription email has links in wrong order defect new Medium
#14841 information disclosure: is a given email subscribing to any relay? (and which one?) defect new Medium
#14842 tor weather not sending emails defect new Medium
#15204 We could not locate a Tor node with that fingerprint. defect new Medium
#17185 Weather could not locate a Tor node defect new Medium
#17186 We could not locate a Tor node with that fingerprint. defect new Medium
#17385 tor weather doesn't know that icann sold all those new gtlds defect new Medium
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