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#9001 Slow Guard Discovery of Hidden Services and Clients mikeperry
#20212 Tor can be forced to open too many circuits by embedding .onion resources tbb-team gacar
#22422 Add noise to PaddingStatistics teor
#22728 Long-lived onion service circuits can enable guard discovery mikeperry
#22729 Revisit relay read/write history resolution (for onion services) mikeperry
#23979 Write performance simulator for Prop247 mikeperry
#23980 Provide torrc option to kill hidden service circuits after $TIMEOUT, $NUM_BYTES, or guard changes. mikeperry
#24487 Reverse path selection (choose outer hops first) mikeperry
#25546 Merge last vanguard-related tor patches asn
#25574 Eliminate "silent-drop" side channels in Tor protocol mikeperry
#25609 Investigate Tor client retry behavior on failing onions asn
#25753 Check/enforce path restrictions for each path position mikeperry
#25754 Make Prop#291 choices mikeperry
#23978 fixed Write simulator to evaluate security of Prop247 parameter choices mikeperry
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