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#24767 All relays are constantly connecting to down relays and failing over and over closed dgoulet
#24782 Set a lower default MaxMemInQueues value closed ahf
#24902 Denial of Service mitigation subsystem closed dgoulet
#25094 24902 fix breaks on clang closed
#25095 Update dir-spec.txt with recent consensus param additions closed dgoulet
#25122 geoip: Hook the client geoip cache into the OOM handler closed dgoulet
#25128 Bug: src/or/dos.c:312: cc_stats_refill_bucket: Non-fatal assertion new_circuit_bucket_count >= stats->circuit_bucket failed closed dgoulet
#25183 Implement a way to tell if an IP address is a known relay closed dgoulet
#25193 dos: Avoid blacklisting Exit relays closed dgoulet
#25202 Check the calculations in cc_stats_refill_bucket using non fatal assertions closed dgoulet
#25223 dos: dos_new_client_conn: Non-fatal assertion !(entry == NULL) failed closed dgoulet
#25226 Circuit cell queue can fill up memory closed dgoulet
#25236 dos: Document torrc default values in the man page when not in the consensus closed dgoulet
#25248 DoS mitgation: improve documentation closed dgoulet
#25824 Integrate circuit max_cell_queue_size killer with DoS heartbeats closed dgoulet
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