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#22652 Adapt CollecTor to metrics-lib 1.9.0 Normal
#19778 Bridge descriptor sanitizer runs out of memory after 13.5 days Normal
#21443 CollecTor does not delete exit lists after three days anymore Normal
#19934 CollecTor should use new metrics-lib json classes Normal
#20514 CollecTor' torperf module: replace HttpURLConnection Normal
#20516 CollecTor's exitlists module should avoid httpurlconnection Normal
#20515 CollecTor's relaydescs module should avoid httpurlconnection Normal
#22216 Decide whether to sanitize padding-counts lines Normal
#22833 Either include or retain "fingerprint" line in bridge network statuses with @type bridge-network-status 1.2 Normal
#22754 Reference checker should only read relay descriptors Normal
#22247 Remove deprecation warnings as soon as metrics-lib 1.7.0 is released Normal
#8799 collector's downloads: avoid httpurl-connection Normal
#19755 improve code quality of bridgedescs module Normal
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