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#6311 Migrate TOR_SEARCH_LIBRARY to use pkg-config catalyst, ahf new enhancement High
#28716 Create a mingw-w64-clang project tom, boklm, ahf needs_review tbb-team task High
#3994 Get TorBrowser in Debian lunar@…, g.koppen@…, proper@…, intrigeri, micahflee@…, calestyo@…, ilf@…, u@… new task Medium
#5236 Make a deb of the Torbrowser and add to repository proper@…, intrigeri@…, micahflee@…, adrelanos@… needs_information enhancement Medium
#11660 Make tor_spawn_background and related interfaces work the same on windows and *nix ahf accepted ahf defect Medium
#11966 "Bootstrapped 20%: Asking for networkstatus consensus" is a lie for bridge users catalyst, brade, mcs, ahf, dgoulet needs_revision defect Medium
#13258 Keep stats on effectiveness of consensus diffs karsten, mvdan, ahf new enhancement Medium
#17848 Tor ignores tunneled connections when checking existing directory downloads ahf, catalyst new defect Medium
#20305 organizing new speakers-bureau list lunar, ahf new dgoulet task Medium
#21205 Instrument clients to measure directory usage ahf assigned ahf project Medium
#21816 Add support for Pluggable Transports 2.0 iang, darkk, blanu, dcf, dasyatid1, mcs, ahf, Samdney needs_revision dasyatid1 enhancement Medium
#22233 Reconsider behavior on .z URLs with Accept-Encoding header ahf accepted Hello71 defect Medium
#22236 Add new graph showing directory traffic as percentage of all traffic mikeperry, ahf new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#22341 Make sure to pick up zstd+lzma support for tor in Tor Browser ahf, fdsfgs@… assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#24368 Tune zstd parameters to decrease memory usage during streaming ahf assigned ahf defect Medium
#24457 Integrate tor-android build files directly into tor.git ahf new enhancement Medium
#24586 Audit all state for stuff we need to reset on exit to make tor restartable. darkk, brade, mcs, ahf, nickm, mike@…, arthuredelstein new enhancement Medium
#25614 tor sets `TOR_PT_EXIT_ON_STDIN_CLOSE=1` only for server transports, not client transports ahf new defect Medium
#26920 Deploy Marionette as a Pluggable Transport dcf, ahf new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#27293 Expired core people's gpg keys dmr, ahf, hiro, hellais, mo, saint, dawuud, donncha, micahlee new defect Medium
#27661 use C99 bool from stdbool.h instead of int everywhere mcs, teor, ahf, catalyst new defect Medium
#27836 RSS feed https authentication hiro, ahf new qbi defect Medium
#28015 Brainstorm improved ux for orgs that want to give bridges to their people ahf, mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#28726 Loosen restrictions on message sizes in WebSocket server ahf, dcf, arlolra new defect Medium
#28940 Add support for LOG to goptlib ahf needs_revision dcf enhancement Medium
#28942 Evaluate pion WebRTC ahf, dcf, arlolra new enhancement Medium
#29036 Coverage merge failures cause test_process_slow stderr check to fail ahf assigned ahf defect Medium
#11922 Launching tor-fw-helper should untangle stderr for control, stdout for data? ahf new defect Low
#13260 Transform code to cleaner c99 style mcs, teor, ahf, catalyst new defect Low
#21758 Improve compression estimators for directory spooling ahf new enhancement Low
#25676 When a client asks for a gzip-encoded consensus, the server sends zlib ahf new defect Low
#9957 Tor should consider stderr output of transport proxies asn, yawning, mcs, ahf new enhancement Very Low
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