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#31011 Make the bridge authority reject private PT addresses when DirAllowPrivateAddresses is 0 ahf, gaba, phw, cohosh, catalyst needs_revision cjb defect Medium
#31074 Use tor_queue.h macros in config_line_t catalyst new defect Low
#31608 circuit_state_publish() never triggers when a new origin circuit is created catalyst new defect Medium
#31707 Better handling and UX for missing and expired guard descriptors catalyst new defect Medium
#32306 check-local target to enforce doxygen-correctness nickm, catalyst assigned nickm defect Medium
#32474 Remove once I'm sure that it is subsumed by intro.html nickm, catalyst assigned nickm defect Medium
#32691 Image broken in 'src-ref' documentation ggus, catalyst accepted nickm defect Medium
#32883 Use tor_api.h entry points for ntmain.c catalyst, Vort needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#33415 Adjust clang-format name in script to be parameterized catalyst new defect Medium
#33669 "Pluggable Transport process terminated" but Tor keeps on going (and of course doesn't work) dcf, cohosh, phw, catalyst, ahf assigned asn defect Medium
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