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#7572 Make relay crypto run on multiple CPU cores chelseakomlo assigned yawning defect High
#13737 Move circuit building crypto to worker nickm, andrea, yawning, chelseakomlo assigned yawning enhancement High
#23882 Investigate implementing a Rust allocator wrapping tor_malloc chelseakomlo new enhancement High
#24857 Tor uses 100% CPU when accessing the cache directory on Windows chelseakomlo, ahf assigned ahf defect High
#25386 Link Rust Tests to C Dependencies in Tor (allow integration testing from Rust to C) teor, isis, chelseakomlo, manishearth@… new defect High
#21846 BwAuthority can't be run out of the box without manual work chelseakomlo, mikeperry, teor, AgentSeb, davidwf, tom new enhancement Medium
#22359 Community team and network team are constructing glossaries in parallel phoul, alison, Samdney, catalyst, chelseakomlo, irl assigned emmapeel enhancement Medium
#22769 Investigate the reproducibility of Rust binaries mcs, boklm, acrichton@…, gk, infinity0, chelseakomlo new task Medium
#23878 Attempt rewriting buffers.c in Rust manishearth@…, chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#23886 Write FFI bindings and function pointers for ed25519-dalek chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#23891 Write blogpost on future/expectations for Rust in tor? chelseakomlo new task Medium
#24033 Require all directory documents to be UTF-8 chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#24265 Fuzz all rust functions that are used by authorities to make sure they match C chelseakomlo, isis new enhancement Medium
#24990 Write a proposal for a post-quantum lattice KEX chelseakomlo new task Medium
#25269 Set codegen-units to 1 in src/rust/Cargo.toml to eke out every last drop of performance chelseakomlo needs_information Backxwash enhancement Medium
#25381 Add crypto_rand_double_sign() in C and Rust catalyst, chelseakomlo needs_revision enhancement Medium
#25503 Use less space for client-side directory cache nickm, chelseakomlo, ahf new task Medium
#25504 Find more generic ways to handle smartlist_t/Vec<T> between C and Rust chelseakomlo, isis, catalyst new enhancement Medium
#25605 Add tests for Rust protover::compute_for_old_tor() and C functions it calls chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#25628 Document our Rust coding standards for error/failure types chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#25669 Privcount: blinding and encryption should be finished up teor, nickm, chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#26161 Design and implement a Rust dirauth module chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#26337 Investigate making rust error types use the failure crate isis, chelseakomlo needs_information enhancement Medium
#26941 Privcount blinding and encryption: review dependencies teor, nickm, chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#26944 Privcount blinding and encryption: Add tests teor, nickm, chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#26945 Privcount blinding and encryption: always enable i128 teor, nickm, chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#26957 Privcount blinding and encryption: Derive copy and debug where possible teor, nickm, chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#26958 Privcount blinding and encryption: run clippy on travis rust nightly teor, nickm, chelseakomlo needs_revision defect Medium
#27189 cleanup rust code chelseakomlo needs_revision task Medium
#27229 Create fuzzing harness to compare C/Rust Functionality chelseakomlo, teor, nickm new task Medium
#27319 remove buf_get_oldest_chunk_timestamp() manishearth@…, chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#27368 Authorities should reject non-UTF-8 in votes and consensuses chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#27369 All Tor roles should reject non-UTF-8 in all directory documents chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#27374 Bridge clients should reject non-UTF-8 in descriptors chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#27414 Relays should check that their descriptors are UTF-8 before uploading them chelseakomlo new enhancement Medium
#27415 All Tor instances should attempt to parse directory documents before uploading them chelseakomlo new defect Medium
#29465 Build a torbib chelseakomlo, metrics-team new metrics-team task Medium
#31390 --enable-rust with pre-downloaded Rust dependencies fails: no .cargo-checksum.json files chelseakomlo needs_information defect Medium
#33411 Make DirCache default to 0 on Windows relays, if we can't fix the mmap issues chelseakomlo, ahf assigned ahf defect Medium
#26265 A proposal and demo for a fuzzing system that works with Rust through C code chelseakomlo, isis needs_revision enhancement Low
#26970 Privcount: plan the modules and components teor, nickm, chelseakomlo new task Low
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