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#31339 GitHub blocked in Iran affecting gettor circumvention traumschule, hiro, gaba, phw, mrphs, cohosh assigned hiro enhancement Medium
#31377 Create a GetTor survival guide cohosh, gaba, traumschule, hiro, phw new task Medium
#31423 Improve building documentation dcf, cohosh, ahf, arlolra, phw new enhancement Medium
#31426 Update BridgeDB's specification cohosh, phw new task Medium
#31523 Recruit potential default bridges from set of long-running bridges cohosh, gaba, phw new task Medium
#31533 Require Twisted 19.7.0 because it fixes CVE-2019-12855 in jabber traumschule, hiro, gaba, phw, cohosh new defect Medium
#31661 Run multiple snowflake bridges and optimize for least latency most throughput by GeoIP based route selection arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf new defect Medium
#31804 Authentication for proxy--bridge connections arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf new defect Medium
#31834 Make obfs4 Docker image more usable cohosh, phw reopened phw defect Medium
#31847 Expand contribution guidelines for snowflake arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf new defect Medium
#31870 Do an informal usability study on the "get bridges" process cohosh, phw, ggus new task Medium
#31872 Write up process for distribution of private bridges cohosh, phw new task Medium
#31874 Automatically test the PTs of bridges cohosh, phw assigned phw defect Medium
#31877 Promote workshops on how to set up a bridge at relay operator meetups cohosh, phw new task Medium
#31902 Add a short FAQ to arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf new defect Medium
#31971 Snowflake is *consistently* extremely slow when using the Windows build arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf needs_information cohosh defect Medium
#31982 Problems with Gettor cohosh, phw, hiro assigned hiro defect Medium
#31990 How should we proceed with website mirrors? cohosh, hiro, gaba, antonela, Samdney, phoul, aquintex, traumschule new ggus task Medium
#32007 Add anti-censorship research ideas cohosh needs_review irl enhancement Medium
#32027 Bump version of Go to 1.13+ dcf, cohosh, phw, JeremyRand new tbb-team defect Medium
#32095 Analyse the "Carbon Reductor DPI X" DPI system dcf, cohosh new task Medium
#32117 Understand and document BridgeDB bot scraping attempts dcf, phw, cohosh new project Medium
#32127 Tor browser manual section on downloading using gettor is incomplete cohosh, phw, hiro, traumschule, gaba new ggus defect Medium
#32157 When bridges lines leave out the fingerprint, how should controllers look them up by id? atagar, pospeselr, phw, cohosh, mcs new defect Medium
#32300 Improve snowflake server test coverage arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf assigned cohosh defect Medium
#32393 GetTor's GitHub links are broken traumschule, hiro, gaba, phw, cohosh new defect Medium
#32465 Use gorilla websocket instead of x/net websocket in proxy-go arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf needs_review arlolra defect Medium
#32480 Use Github/Gitlab releases to distribute gettor binaries traumschule, hiro, gaba, phw, cohosh needs_review cohosh defect Medium
#32499 Add a build step / documentation for code reuse in Cupcake arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf assigned arlolra defect Medium
#32502 Decommission the non-IPv6 broker arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf assigned dcf defect Medium
#32540 Ship some build with debug logs enabled cohosh, phw new tbb-team defect Medium
#32545 Perform measurements to concretely understand snowflake throughput and network health arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf new task Medium
#32547 Set up default bridge at the University of Minnesota cohosh assigned phw task Medium
#32550 Static tor in docker container cohosh, phw new enhancement Medium
#3862 gettor should automatically include bridges in its answer cohosh new enhancement Low
#18750 Can you please enable OTR for your XMPP account? cohosh new enhancement Low
#20659 Parse mail subject in the email autoresponder gaj, cohosh new enhancement Low
#22011 Implement telegram bot for gettor ilv, cohosh new enhancement Low
#26175 Support Experimental Tor Browser for Github Provider ilv, adrelanos@…, cohosh new enhancement Low
#29287 Have backup PT in pipeline cohosh new project Low
#29448 Provide a dir-spec implementation that serves sanitised descriptors metrics-team, dgoulet, cohosh new sysrqb project Low
#29525 Allow proxy credentials in `meek-client --helper` cohosh new dcf enhancement Low
#29526 Allow https proxies in `meek-client --helper` cohosh new dcf enhancement Low
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