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#32561 Is this a Tor Project site? traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus new hiro defect Immediate
#27405 New account can't add edit existing ticket ggus new qbi project High
#31896 Bad instructions in Support Portal, "How can I verify Tor Browser's signature?", discourage, deter, and prevent users on macOS from verifying the Signature of downloaded Tor Browser packages ggus assigned pili defect High
#31973 tor-ify and non-existent general.useragent.override ggus new defect High
#32199 2019 EOY Campaign Metrics hiro, karsten, antonela, stephw, traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus new hiro task High
#32323 Crash in windows 10 ggus needs_information tbb-team task High
#32460 download page has confusing flow, especially with donate banner hiro, antonela, mcs, traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus new hiro defect High
#27209 replace absolute links (in the wiki) nusenu, ggus assigned traumschule defect Medium
#27489 add openfiles-max and kern.maxfiles settings for OpenBSD ggus, gman assigned egypcio enhancement Medium
#27562 Detect the locale and automatically serve the language specific support portal ggus, emmapeel, antonela, arthuredelstein new hiro enhancement Medium
#27668 Wikipedia wants more attention ggus new task Medium
#27710 How often do relays upload their descriptor per day? nusenu, ggus new enhancement Medium
#27771 Update PreventingDnsLeaksInTor wiki page ggus new task Medium
#28235 Generate screenshots for the Tor Browser manual ggus, traumschule, alison, arthuredelstein, emmapeel assigned arthuredelstein task Medium
#28408 detect when translations are lost (with git hook?) ggus assigned emmapeel enhancement Medium
#28417 Translate glossary / browser manual translates 'Circuit' inconsistently ggus needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#28499 tb-manual: create redirects for old resources ggus assigned hiro defect Medium
#28516 tb-manual: add alt attributes to the images for accessibility ggus, traumschule new phoul defect Medium
#28526 Document how NGOs can run private obfs4 bridges, and get some doing it sysrqb, flexlibris, ggus, phoul assigned ggus project Medium
#28531 Publish a snapshot of what PTs are needed for successful Tor use in each country ggus, mcs, pili, hellais, cohosh assigned phw task Medium
#28557 tb-manual: review and update the known issues page ggus, traumschule assigned wayward task Medium
#28783 Incomplete Content-Security-Policy blocks video on "Set up Relays" page traumschule, ggus, steph new hiro defect Medium
#28948 Anonymous/private HTTP alternative. ggus new alison project Medium
#29075 Sort support glossary by target language ggus new hiro enhancement Medium
#29502 Glossary on the support portal should be moved to the main menu ggus new hiro defect Medium
#29584 Write a guide to understanding a Tor log emmapeel, ggus, gk, traumschule assigned wayward task Medium
#29941 get locales closer to Mozilla in Tor Launcher tbb-team, gk, ggus assigned emmapeel defect Medium
#30027 lektor portals: Titles should not be capitalized in the CSS ggus, traumschule, catalyst assigned emmapeel defect Medium
#30054 Special characters are not escaped in translations and break the build emmapeel, igt0, gk, hans@…, ggus, pili needs_information emmapeel defect Medium
#30074 Clarify what is the plan with bn, bn-BD, bn-IN, that are now different versions in Mozilla l10n ggus, gk, pili assigned emmapeel task Medium
#30080 support portal: keep anchor when changing language ggus reopened hiro defect Medium
#30161 tb-manual: sidebar does not move to the other side when on ltr languages ggus, traumschule new phoul defect Medium
#30297 Add links to threat-assessment documents at ggus, traumschule assigned emmapeel task Medium
#30678 remove hardcoded capitalization from tpo css and templates ggus, traumschule, emmapeel assigned hiro defect Medium
#30900 Add a section or link to instructions about NAT in the tor relay guide nusenu, ggus new defect Medium
#30971 Rebuild the fallback list in late 2019 or early 2020 gus, teor new task Medium
#30972 0-1. Run an opt-in process for relay operators to become fallbacks in 2019-2020 gus, teor new task Medium
#30973 2-3. Generate a new fallback list in 2019-2020 and backport it to all supported Tor versions gus, teor new enhancement Medium
#30974 4-5. Announce the new fallback list, and tell downstream maintainers that it has changed gus, teor new task Medium
#31063 GoodBad ISPs should move to community portal nusenu, ggus assigned ggus task Medium
#31069 Create onion auth entry in ggus, brade, mcs assigned ggus defect Medium
#31070 Add information about SELinux boolean tor_can_network_relay nusenu, ggus new enhancement Medium
#31350 test the locales for Android with a githook after updating from transifex emmapeel, igt0, gk, hans@…, ggus, pili needs_information tor-gitadm enhancement Medium
#31506 Write up comprehensive advice to "Tor unexpectedly exited", and link to it from inside Tor Browser ggus new tbb-team defect Medium
#31539 FAQ page (esp connection troubleshoooting) should be available offline in TB phw, ggus, antonela, pili new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#31600 check around torproject that Català is well written. ggus assigned emmapeel defect Medium
#31722 make a new product assignment page traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus new hiro task Medium
#31723 design help documents for the help service and provide support for new users anarcat, ggus new ggus task Medium
#31835 Update instructions to setup automatic updates for Ubuntu and Debian ggus, nusenu new enhancement Medium
#31861 remove SSL observatory l10n resource ggus assigned emmapeel task Medium
#31870 Do an informal usability study on the "get bridges" process cohosh, phw, ggus new task Medium
#31885 403 Error on HSv2 rqef5a5mebgq46y5.onion traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus needs_information hiro defect Medium
#31901 webstats-tb.html graph too eager to include today's stats gk, ggus, metrics-team assigned metrics-team defect Medium
#31962 Missing Popup msg for translation on Transifex emmapeel, ggus new emmapeel defect Medium
#31965 dev portal git repo and lektor instance ggus new hiro task Medium
#32064 Make web searches for Tor Browser more useful ggus new ggus task Medium
#32120 Figure out what to do with hidden 'Learn More' link in about:preferences#tor in the 'Advanced' section tbb-team, ux-team, traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus new ggus defect Medium
#32148 "No Script" translations for MK locale are not updated. emmapeel, ggus new emmapeel defect Medium
#32274 Bad screen-reader UX for Security Level/Shield button ggus, tbb-team, pospeselr assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#32288 in our "Join the discussion" footer on our blog is giving a 404 ggus, antonela new hiro defect Medium
#32292 Generate and publish not only doxygen but also manpages. ggus new defect Medium
#32293 Make slides@tpo team, to collect and organize presentations and slides ggus assigned ahf project Medium
#32359 unecessary heavy image asset traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus, antonela, pospeselr new hiro defect Medium
#32394 Update Progress Bar doesn't use translations emmapeel, gk, ggus new tbb-team defect Medium
#32432 update the relay-guide HTTP redirect traumschule, trac-dip-importer, ggus new hiro enhancement Medium
#32456 Add a question about anti-virus reporting a virus in Tor Browser ggus new ggus task Medium
#32515 Keep Good Summaries From Reliable Sources. Example: Tor's CODEC Strategy, zlib, lzma, zstd ggus new enhancement Medium
#32578 Onion v.3 links doesnt work ggus needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#32650 Check translations for bogus characters sysrqb, ggus new emmapeel defect Medium
#32691 Image broken in 'src-ref' documentation ggus, catalyst accepted nickm defect Medium
#27753 Improve visibility of IPv6 related settings ggus, nusenu assigned enhancement Low
#30416 Enforce cooperation sanity ggus new alison defect Low
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