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#19647 HS Descriptors should only contain UTF-8 new Medium Normal 2 years ago
#20742 prop224: Implement stealth client authorization assigned asn Very High Normal 15 months ago
#21509 Fuzz v3 hidden services new High Normal 7 months ago
#22220 hs: Move cell encoding/decoding out of hs_intropoint.c to hs_cell.c new Low Normal 2 years ago
#23306 hs: Use the state of a directory connection instead of the HAS_FETCHED purpose new Medium Normal 4 months ago
#23307 hs: Don't bruteforce every pending connection when we get a RENDEZVOUS ack new Medium Normal 7 months ago
#15621 Kill the pre-version 3 intro protocol code with fire. new asn Medium Normal 7 months ago
#23300 prop224: General client side issues new Medium Normal 7 months ago
#6313 Many of Tor's complex functions should be refactored new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#6837 More fine-grained modular decomposition new High Normal 3 years ago
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