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#15059 Allow UI to identify servers by Ed25519 keys new Low Normal 8 months ago
#9498 Allow bridge descriptors to contain no address if they are not being published new Very High Normal 3 years ago
#25987 Allow controller to receive log messages from outside main thread new Medium Normal 8 months ago
#3522 Allow controllers to post HS descriptors to Tor's cache new Low Normal 3 years ago
#30053 Allow countrycodes in ExitPolicy new Medium Normal 19 months ago
#33019 Allow dynamically and statically linked PTs to be loaded into a Tor binary assigned ahf Medium Normal 9 months ago
#28361 Allow few nodes-list options in torrc new Low Normal 2 years ago
#27999 Allow for long-running signing operations assigned ln5 Medium Normal 2 years ago
#9208 Allow node operator to avoid Guard flag needs_information Medium Normal 16 months ago
#16537 Allow onion services to publish voluntary usage stats new Medium Normal 3 years ago
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