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#25716 Arrange an experiment on the test network where we dump create cells on a relay and time the responses new Medium Normal 16 months ago
#26414 Assertion onionkey failed in get_onion_key new Medium Normal 17 months ago
#22571 AssumeReachable 1 on a relay doesn't make it publish quickly new Medium Normal 2 years ago
#26300 Attempt by … to open a stream on first hop of circuit. Closing. assigned Medium Normal 6 months ago
#23878 Attempt rewriting buffers.c in Rust new Medium Normal 11 months ago
#13815 Attempt to port tor to Google's BoringSSL new Medium Normal 17 months ago
#24586 Audit all state for stuff we need to reset on exit to make tor restartable. new Medium Normal 11 months ago
#4320 Audit functions called during options_act_reversible() new High Normal 3 years ago
#31000 Authorities should cap relay consensus weight as a new consensus method needs_information Medium Normal 5 months ago
#9062 Authorities should describe their bwauth version in their votes new Medium Normal 20 months ago
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