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#24546 Use tor_addr_is_v4() rather than family, or reject all v6-mapped IPv4 addresses needs_revision ahf Medium Normal 10 months ago
#24732 Remove unused IPv6 DirPort code needs_revision ahf Medium Normal 21 months ago
#24735 Always check for the null address when calling address functions needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#25381 Add crypto_rand_double_sign() in C and Rust needs_revision isis Medium Normal 20 months ago
#26958 Privcount blinding and encryption: run clippy on travis rust nightly needs_revision Medium Normal 20 months ago
#7134 Add statistics on time spent on crypto operations needs_information Medium Normal 3 years ago
#18803 Tools to manage Tor's intermodule callgraph, and help cut it down to size new Medium Normal 8 months ago
#11211 Multiple ServerTransportListenAddr entries should be allowed per transport. new Medium Normal 8 months ago
#393 hidden services resolve hosts only once assigned rransom Low Normal 3 years ago
#449 dns failures prevent legitimate options being set new Low Normal 8 months ago
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