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#24238 Bug: Generated a networkstatus vote we couldn't parse because of invalid consensus param new Very Low Normal 22 months ago
#3080 Bug: The application request to "":5222 has launched 10 circuits without finding one it likes. new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#30085 Bug: Unexpectedly high use successes counts (101.500000/100.000000) for guard new Very Low Minor 9 months ago
#20362 Bug: Used circuit is in strange path state new new Medium Normal 16 months ago
#32022 Bug: buffers_tls.c:73: buf_read_from_tls: Non-fatal assertion !(buf->datalen >= INT_MAX - at_most) failed. new Medium Normal 3 months ago
#27901 Build fails on FreeBSD/mips, but succeeds when auroreconf is run before the build new Medium Normal 16 months ago
#4850 Build multiple circuits and use the fastest? new Medium Normal 9 months ago
#23357 Build with non-Cross-DSO CFI needs_revision Medium Normal 22 months ago
#24046 Building circuits through Fast (actually) relays new Medium Normal 17 months ago
#8742 Byte history leaks information about local usage/hidden services reopened High Blocker 21 months ago
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