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#27901 Build fails on FreeBSD/mips, but succeeds when auroreconf is run before the build new Medium Normal 2 years ago
#4850 Build multiple circuits and use the fastest? new Medium Normal 19 months ago
#33371 Build only with required libevent2 libraries new Medium Normal 4 months ago
#23357 Build with non-Cross-DSO CFI needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#24046 Building circuits through Fast (actually) relays new Medium Normal 2 years ago
#34021 Bundling .a files together in a single libtor.a file new Medium Normal 6 months ago
#8742 Byte history leaks information about local usage/hidden services reopened High Blocker 6 months ago
#27468 CI: add builds with the latest clang and gcc new High Normal 8 months ago
#30458 CID 1444999 dead trunnel-generated code new Medium Normal 18 months ago
#3520 CIRC FAILED REASON=DESTROYED events do not specify which hop sent the RELAY_TRUNCATED cell new rransom Medium Normal 3 years ago
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