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#15949 Can we migrate internal SVN to a document store, wiki, or set of git repositories? needs_information tor-gitadm defect Medium
#30910 Warning when pushing to tor.git: "disabling bitmap writing, as some objects are not being packed." reopened tor-gitadm defect Medium
#31433 Non-blocking Jenkins hooks new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#31468 Please remove bug_31467_v2 from tor-browser-build new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#31583 Policy repo push access new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#31892 Please remove tor-launcher tag new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#31350 test the locales for Android with a githook after updating from transifex new tor-gitadm enhancement Medium
#15948 Can we do away with public SVN? new tor-gitadm task Medium
#31479 Please delete branch ticket31476 from tor.git repository new tor-gitadm task Medium
#31486 Create a new repository for User Research new tor-gitadm task Medium
#32025 Stop using corpsvn and disable it as a service new tor-gitadm project Medium
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