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Ticket Summary Status Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#27181 Avoid unnecessary disk writes new Medium Normal irl 14 months ago
#27187 Possible for inconsistency between summary and details with AS number new Medium Normal irl 14 months ago
#27235 add route_origin_rpki_validity field new Medium Normal nusenu 14 months ago
#28048 Metrics: Allow to search for relays per continent new Medium Normal traumschule 4 months ago
#28314 Alleged Family Members never disappear new Medium Normal Quake 11 months ago
#28321 Add bandwidth scanner data to Onionoo new Medium Normal karsten 11 months ago
#28963 Please add option to search for relays with fingerprint and nickname. new Medium Normal traumschule 9 months ago
#31941 Old reverse DNS lookups are sometimes not cleared properly needs_review Medium Normal karsten 10 days ago
#11573 Store pre-generated response parts in a database rather than in plain files assigned Low Normal karsten 2 years ago
#13137 Provide more historical data to facilitate debugging network problems assigned Low Normal Sebastian 2 years ago
#17939 Optimize the construction of details documents with field constraints assigned Low Minor fmap 2 years ago
#24495 Add aggregated summary documents new Low Normal irl 23 months ago
#24932 Onionoo should stop parsing untrusted descriptors new Low Minor teor 21 months ago
#25176 Combine fixed-time history objects into a single object with an x axis for time new Low Normal karsten 20 months ago
#25274 Consolidate Onionoo's API new Low Normal karsten 20 months ago
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