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#23344 Show country of temporary bridge used in snowflake just like with the obfs4 PT in the Torbutton new tbb-team snowflake Medium
#23345 Update transports.html in to include the snowflake PT new phoul snowflake Medium
#23542 Add Snowflake PT to Tor Messenger new snowflake Medium
#18654 Use TLS WebSockets (wss://) for proxy-to-server communication needs_review snowflake, cupcake High
#18628 Devise some way for the browser proxy to forward metadata to the bridge before the OR data assigned cmm323 High
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake new Medium
#19026 Remove local LAN address ICE candidates new Medium
#19315 Include libwebrtc license files in bundle new Medium
#19409 make a deb of snowflake and get into Debian new Medium
#19569 DataChannel-only libwebrtc new arlolra Medium
#20813 Start producing snowflakes new High
#21304 Sanitize snowflake.log new Medium
#21305 Client gets into an unrecoverable connect / close loop new Medium
#21312 snowflake-client is pegged at 100% cpu new Medium
#21314 snowflake-client needs to stop using my network when I'm not giving it requests new Medium
#21315 publish some realtime stats from the broker? new Medium
#22718 OpenWebRTC? new Low
#22782 Change domain front for snowflake to something that isn't blocked new Medium
#22874 Standalone broker (independent of App Engine) assigned cmm32 High
#22945 End-to-end confidentiality for Snowflake client registrations new Medium
#23257 Snowflake doesn't connect on the CalVisitor network new Medium
#23356 proxy-go starts using 100% CPU when network is disconnected new Medium
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