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#30486 On "Download in another language or platform" page, can we have the page display the Tor Browser version at the instant the page opens? hiro Webpages/Website

On the "Download in another language or platform" page, to see and read the Tor Browser version, users first must <click> the appropriate "32-bit" or "64-bit" download link and select "Download file" to see and read the Tor Browser version. It seems the "Download in another language or platform" page might be more user friendly if users could see and read the Tor Browser version in plain sight the instant the page opened, like users could see and read the Tor Browser version in plain sight the instant the old "Tor Browser Downloads" page opened at

#30678 remove hardcoded capitalization from tpo css and templates hiro Webpages/Website

this does not work well in many languages. capitalization should be on the string itself.

here some examples submitted by ecron (thanks!):

example submitted by translator

submitted by translator

submitted by translator

submitted by translator

#30709 expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion redirects to clearnet: hiro Webpages/Website

http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/docs/tor-manual.html.en redirects to clearnet:

#31212 Document known long-term issues of Tor Browser hiro Webpages/Website

So far, while every Tor Browser release announcement points out known bugs specific to the most recent version, there's no documentation of preexisting issues that are not patched yet, and thus still affect current Tor Browser releases.

A summary of the most relevant ones would help users to keep track of those, and, if needed, adjust their set up/browsing behavior accordingly.

Furthermore, in case there are known ways to circumvent or mitigate a specific bug, the corresponding workaround could be shared as well.

To clarify what I mean: Tails' website is a fine example of how this could be implemented, their release announcement links to:

#31722 make a new product assignment page hiro Webpages/Website

During the Stockholm meeting, the TPA team identified there were many sources of "service lists" in the wiki (and elsewhere). As part of #31261, some work was done to clean that up. One of the pages that remained after the work is this one:

Apparently, this could be covered by the new developer website, and I was told to open a ticket to track that work.

So basically, I think the job is to convert the above wiki page into something in the new developer website.

#32946 Something in the jenkins setup is reverting the website to an older version hiro Webpages/Website

Someone on IRC pinged us to report that the links to download Tor Browser from and have the wrong version in all platforms and languages.

Website is serving: 9.0.2

Latest stable: 9.0.4.

#33307 Instructions for verifying tor source downloads hiro Webpages/Website

We have easy-to-find instructions about how to check torbrowser signatures, but not so with our other signed downloads. (As an exercise: pretend you are a new user, go to , and try to figure out where to get my public key.)

It would be good if we had a link about checking the signatures there too, including a link to the key.

#33490 Tor website onion service links are linked to the clearnet addresses hiro Webpages/Website

Not all links are linked to the onion service at expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion. I think it defies the purpose of having an onion service if most of the links are taking me to the clearnet. For example, all links in the header and footer are linked to instead of expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion.

I think the solution might be using relative links instead of absolute ones.

Note: Of course, I am not talking about the GitHub, twitter, etc. links but the internal Tor website links.

#33610 Incorrect GPG package key on Debian package page hiro Webpages/Website

First I just wanted to mention how awesome you all are.

On the page for installing the Tor package on Ubuntu/Debian (, the signing GPG key for the Tor Project repo is listed as A3C4F0F979CAA22CDBA8F512EE8CBC9E886DDD89.asc, but this seems to be incorrect, as GPG doesn't recognize it. I assume this means that either it has been signed with a new key since, or that this is no longer the recommended path to install the Tor package (instead, maybe using Debian's official package is okay, as implied in Either way, please update the docs!

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