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#28876 tbb-testsuite: fix the noscript test tbb-testsuite, boklm201812, TorBrowserTeam201812, ReleaseTrainMigration reopened cypherpunks defect Medium
#30333 tbb-testsuite: fix the download_pdf test tbb-testsuite, TorBrowserTeam201904, ReleaseTrainMigration new cypherpunks defect Medium
#9516 Show Tor log in TorBrowser tbb-usability new brade enhancement Medium
#9675 Provide feedback mechanism for clock-skew and other bad problems tbb-3.0, extdev-interview, tbb-helpdesk-frequent, tbb-usability, AffectsTails assigned brade defect High
#10439 Allow TBB 3.x to run multiple times in parallel tbb-3.0, tbb-usability new brade enhancement Medium
#10603 Make tor log available if tor exited unexpectedly tbb-usability, extdev-interview new brade enhancement Medium
#10806 Tor Launcher should be able to detect proxies automatically tbb-usability-stoppoint-wizard new brade enhancement Medium
#11222 Inform user if reachable bridges drop below a configurable fraction/number tbb-usability needs_information brade defect High
#11406 UI for ExitNode country selection in tor-launcher tbb-usability, tbb-helpdesk-frequent new brade enhancement Low
#12040 Please make a test connection to tor SOCKS port as part as Tor Launcher tbb-helpdesk-frequent tbb-usability new brade enhancement Medium
#14837 Support QRCode bridge entry and sharing in Tor Launcher tbb-usability-stoppoint-wizard new brade enhancement Medium
#14923 Tor Launcher should have accessibility support. ux-team, tbb-usabiity needs_information brade defect Medium
#18113 Dynamically allocate clients to default Tor Browser bridges of a certain type tbb-bridges needs_information brade enhancement Medium
#19256 remove more unused code (and related strings) from Torbutton tbb-torbutton, gitlab-tb-torbutton new brade defect Medium
#19957 Don't wait for Tor to start tbb-usability new brade defect Medium
#20321 Quit Tor Browser Menu Option Does Not Work from Launcher on Mac OS tbb-usability new brade defect Medium
#21542 use Subprocess.jsm to launch tor tbb-usability, ff52-esr, TorBrowserTeam201805 new brade defect Medium
#24638 Welcome dialog missing protocol from link tbb-usability, ux-team needs_information brade defect Low
#25431 "Tor is censored in my country" does not cover some scenarios tbb-usability, ux-team, s32-o32a2 new brade defect Medium
#34320 TMPDIR should be set in rbm so all scripts in tor-browser-build use it if needed tbb-rbm, GeorgKoppen202005, TorBrowserTeam202006R needs_review boklm defect Medium
#21969 We're missing descriptors for some of our primary entry guards needs-proposal, tor-guard, tor-bridge, tor-client, tbb-needs, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328 new asn defect Medium
#25347 Tor keeps on trying the same overloaded guard over and over tor-guard, tor-client, tbb-usability, tbb-needs, 033-triage-20180320, 033-included-20180320, 031-unreached-backport, 035-removed-20180711, 032-unreached-backport, 040-roadmap-proposed, tor-hs, reachability, needs-proposal needs_revision asn defect Medium
#13017 Determine if AudioBuffers/OfflineAudioContext are a fingerprinting vector tbb-fingerprinting new arthuredelstein task High
#16312 Limit font queries per URL bar domain tbb-fingerprinting-fonts new arthuredelstein defect Medium
#16672 Text rendering allows font fingerprinting tbb-fingerprinting-fonts, tbb-5.5, TorBrowserTeam201603 assigned arthuredelstein defect Medium
#16686 Migrate all font fingerprinting patches to tor-browser.git tbb-fingerprinting-fonts, TorBrowserTeam201603 new arthuredelstein defect Medium
#18101 IP leak from Windows/macOS UI dialog with URI tbb-disk-leak, tbb-proxy-bypass, TorBrowserTeam201907 needs_revision arthuredelstein defect Medium
#20941 Tor browser will resize it self after the dock is enabled and the browser is dragged to a new location tbb-fingerprinting-resolution, TorBrowserTeam201612 assigned arthuredelstein defect High
#21762 Check new Firefox favicon code for first-party isolation ff52-esr, TorBrowserTeam201705, tbb-7.0-must reopened arthuredelstein defect High
#15713 toggling DisableNetwork during bootstrap causes delay tor-client, bootstrap, delay, sponsor8-maybe, tbb-needs accepted arma defect Medium
#15715 spurious "Network is unreachable" error after setting DisableNetwork=1 tor-client, bootstrap, sponsor8-maybe, disablenetwork, tbb-needs accepted arma defect Medium
#10416 Tor won't start on Windows when path contains non-ascii characters tor-client, windows, unicode, win32, tbb-needs, 042-should, 043-deferred, 044-deferred assigned ahf defect High
#27105 Fix Tor Browser testsuite tbb-testsuite, ReleaseTrainMigration, TorBrowserTeam202006R needs_review acat task Medium
#28745 THE Torbutton clean-up tbb-torbutton, TorBrowserTeam202006R, gitlab-tb-torbutton needs_review acat defect Medium
#30431 tbb-testsuite: Fix the https-everywhere test tbb-testsuite, boklm201905, TorBrowserTeam201905, ReleaseTrainMigration assigned acat defect Medium
#31918 Rebase and squash mobile and desktop patches tbb-9.5, ReleaseTrainMigration, TorBrowserTeam202006 needs_revision acat task Medium
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