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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#28531 Publish a snapshot of what PTs are needed for successful Tor use in each country censorship new alison task Medium
#26348 Guard against large reads easy anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 merge_ready cohosh defect Medium
#29279 Test obfs4 reachability NGO, community, anti-censorship-roadmap assigned cohosh task Very High
#26087 Growth in bridge users in Iran circa 2018-05-01 censorship block ir new dcf project Medium
#28898 Huge drop of users in UAE ae, censorship, block new dcf defect Medium
#28496 Consider dropping yahoo from the bridgedb email domains anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned dgoulet enhancement Medium
#28555 Assess methodology for modern privcount Tor user counts censorship new metrics-team task Medium
#17217 Change clients to automatically use IPv6 if they can bootstrap over it ipv6 tor-client robustness censorship-resistance assigned neel enhancement Low
#23839 Testing Framework for Censorship Circumvention censorship new tbb-team defect Medium
#4036 Tor relays/bridges can detect when they are being filtered by SSL cert tor-relay tor-bridge sponsor8-maybe censorship new enhancement Low
#7961 Publish transports that bind on IPv6 addresses tor-bridge, pt, ipv6 anticensorship needs-spec refactor needs_information defect Medium
#9498 Allow bridge descriptors to contain no address if they are not being published tor-bridge, need-spec, bridgedb, needs-proposal censorship new enhancement Very High
#9729 Make bridges publish additional ORPort addresses in their descriptor ORPort, censorship, pt, multiple, addresses, andrea-review, tor-bridge needs_revision enhancement Medium
#7144 Implement Bridge Guards and other anti-enumeration defenses tor-bridge tor-guard censorship new project High
#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort tor-bridge, SponsorZ, tor-pt, proposal-needed, censorship, sponsor19, 040-roadmap-proposed new project Very High
#10831 Captchas are not accessible for blind users bridgedb-reportbug, bridgedb-ui, anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned enhancement Medium
#11330 Create a Hash Ring For Each Allowed Domain in the Email Distributor bridgedb-email, bridgedb-dist, anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned enhancement High
#15404 BridgeDB's email localisation isn't working bridgedb-ui, localization, anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned defect High
#20348 Allot Communications blocking of vanilla Tor, obfs4, and meek in Kazakhstan, starting 2016-06 censorship block kz reopened project Medium
#20813 Start producing snowflakes anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 new defect High
#21314 snowflake-client needs to stop using my network when I'm not giving it requests tor-pt anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 from-network-team-roadmap new defect Medium
#23280 Censorship resistant onion sites needs-proposal tor-hs censorship new enhancement Medium
#24607 CAPTCHAs on BridgeDB seem to be getting more difficult anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned defect Medium
#25595 Test suite for Snowflake on various NAT topologies anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 new defect Medium
#25681 Defend against flooding of the broker by low bandwidth snowflakes anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 new defect Medium
#26542 Distribute IPv6 bridges though anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned defect High
#26543 Provide a language switcher menu on BridgeDB anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 assigned enhancement Medium
#26646 add support for multiple OutboundBindAddressExit IP(ranges) needs-proposal, tor-exit, ipv6, censorship new enhancement Medium
#28651 Prepare all pieces of the snowflake pipeline for a second snowflake bridge anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 new enhancement Medium
#28679 Bridge connections on startup tor-bridge, censorship, needs-proposal 041-proposed new enhancement High
#29274 Get developers using new PT alphas anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 new project Medium
#29296 Look into alternatives for distributing bridge info to clients PT spec, design, anti-censorship-roadmap-2019 new project Medium
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