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#20218 Fix and refactor and redocument routerstatus_has_changed ipv6, 029-proposed, tor-control, easy, spec-conformance, review-group-31 needs_revision defect Medium
#22739 Make routerinfo_t and routerstatus_t addresses immutable; store overrides in node_t review-group-31 needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#23750 Isolate libevent usage to a few locations refactoring, technical-debt, review-group-31 needs_revision nickm enhancement Medium
#23814 Remove non-exponential backoff directory download implementation review-group-31 merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#16106 Sandbox causes crash when creating a hidden service through the control port tor-hs, client, crash, sandbox, review-group-31 reopened defect Low
#20424 Remove --enable-openbsd-malloc (Tor maxes CPU when --enable-openbsd-malloc is used) review-group-31 needs_revision defect Low
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