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#33121 Deploy sbws in the rest of bwauths sbws-roadmap new defect High
#33775 sbws measures some relays 100x lower than Torflow sbws-majority-blocker, sbws-roadmap new defect High
#29728 Deprecate torflow sbws-roadmap new defect Medium
#33076 Graph consensus and vote information from Rob's experiments metrics-team-roadmap-2020, sbws-roadmap needs_review metrics-team task Medium
#33077 Graph results from the torflow to sbws transition sbws-roadmap new metrics-team task Medium
#33198 Check changes related to descriptors in a bandwidth file created by a bwauth before next release sbws-roadmap new defect Medium
#33350 Is sbws weighting some relays too high? sbws-roadmap, network-health new defect Medium
#33472 Document that bwauths should checkout stable versions when installing sbws from git sbws-roadmap, intro needs_review defect Medium
#33831 Relays without descriptors are not scaled, but still added to the bwlines without vote=0 sbws-roadmap, intro assigned juga defect Medium
#33832 For relays that change ip, only the measurements with the last ip are kept sbws-roadmap, intro, GeorgKoppen202004 needs_information gk defect Medium
#33871 Scale exactly as torflow does? sbws-majority-blocker, sbws-roadmap needs_review juga defect Medium
#33947 Compare sbws and Torflow sbws-roadmap, GeorgKoppen202006 needs_review defect Medium
#34309 Check that relay_recent_measurement_attempt_count and relay_recent_priority_list_count are correc sbws-roadmap needs_review juga defect Medium
#34393 Maybe vote on the relays that have few or close measurements sbws-roadmap new defect Medium
#34394 Test net keys expired sbws-roadmap needs_review juga defect Medium
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